Wellness Alternatives for Seniors…Treating The Whole Person

Some medical professionals focus on nutrition, some on detoxification, some on allergies, others on emotions.  The Natural Healing & Wellness Center is known for doing it all; a team of Alternative Physicians and Chiropractic Group which offer unique non-drug natural care custom to your needs.  The doctors go beyond what most other doctors offer by treating the whole person.  They specialize in a pro-active approach to health care popularized by the baby boomers of this next decade.   These doctors regularly attend seminars around the country to learn new techniques or advances in the many different sides of wellness.  Many uncommon and extremely affective techniques are mastered in out of state training; a foundational reason for the unique successes claimed by many of the patients who travel to receive care from the Natural Healing & Wellness Center.  

They study a good deal about the energy in the human body, and use an FDA approved cold laser on patients when indicated.  The laser puts out the same coherent light energy and frequencies as human cells.  This accelerates healing and proper communication within the body.  If we can re-establish the correct energy, this cold laser can reduce pain in burns, muscular skeletal injuries, and after surgical procedures as well as accelerate healing, such as with fractures by 25-40 percent.  They use the laser to treat scars, and find that healing can be as much as 2 times faster with the laser, including bone.  The laser has even shown improvement on cognition, as witnessed by the many children and teenagers that have participated in different alternative wellness programs offered by the center. 

There are hundreds of testimonials of very happy people who have experienced success with regards to their individual health goals.  These success stories are found throughout the office hanging on picture frames lining each corridor wall.  You may visit the office and enjoy a complimentary tour of the facilities.  Feel free to talk directly to the many people receiving services.  Ask them about their success and hear first hand how the natural healing and wellness center may also be a core to your heath success.  Your family may receive health care at an affordable rate.  They offer special discounts for seniors and employees of Washington County School District.   They have created economical new programs.  Ask how they may help your family today.

You can reach the Natural Healing and Wellness Center by calling 674-5454 today or visit the office at  Bluff & 100 South.

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