Wellness For Seniors…Health Is First Priority

Making our health a priority is our first step towards wellness.   Typically we don’t think about our health until it is in jeopardy.  Being better informed will help you make proper decisions.

Some of the latest research suggests that premature aging, organ distress, and body degeneration are triggered by inflammation.  Inflammation causes slow destruction of our cells and organs.  Food sensitivities, sluggish metabolism, hormonal imbalance, general toxicity, old traumas and scars, joints and muscle soreness all may lead to inflammation.  We test for the sources of this inflammation or toxic burden and use the appropriate corrective measures. 

Inflammation is often at the source of degenerative conditions, blood pressure, heart distress, etc., we use reflex testing to determine which area of the body is under the most stress and make custom recommendations for each person.  We always treat the person, we don’t treat the condition.

We use response testing to restore hormonal function of the Pituitary, adrenal, pancreas and thyroid.  These also have much to do with our mental state, aging in general and our memory. 

A Total Person Scan, may determine which organs or systems are under stress giving us insight as to how to reverse your pattern.  We can customize a program to help you with your health goals, such as; improved golf game, providing you a more restful night’s sleep, increase energy or the ability to travel comfortably to visit family and friends.  Some people just want to be proactive in wellness care to fine tune their health.  What ever your goals, we specialize in giving you the best results.

Our treatment options are unique in Southern Utah, we offer treatments such as Adjustor, Percussor, cellular cleanse foot baths and Laser.  Since these are comfortable corrections, you may rest assured that these procedures will be safe for all ages.

If you could improve body performance and comfort by 10-50%, would it be worth your time and effort to find your health answers?  Good news, we specialize in helping you recapture some of your youthfulness by following a method of rejuvenation and natural body restoration.  Come visit us and have a FREE tour of our facility.  Feel free to speak to our other clients and read the hundreds of success stories found throughout our office.

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