Solutions For Low Back Pain… New Technology Comes To St. George

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Do you have chronic back pain that just won’t go away?  Have you tried various treatment options that only helped temporarily?  Do you get severe back pain that seems to hit you every year after doing something as simple as bending over?  If so, your low back and core may be weak.  Advanced Spine & Rehab is excited to announce new technology for just this problem.

Most people don’t realize that they have actually lost strength in their low back due to previous back injuries, car accidents, surgeries, and years of wear and tear.  Losing strength in the back and core leads to many problems such as intense pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and herniated discs.  A new machine called the MedX Lumbar Rehab enables patients to strengthen and stabilize the low back in a quick and effective manner.

Over 100 published medical journal articles show the MedX Lumbar machine is the best way to rehab the back.  One study found that 92% of people who were scheduled for back surgery cancelled their surgery after treatment with the MedX Lumbar machine.  On average about 80% of people will be relieved of chronic back pain after doing MedX rehab exercises and restoring strength to their spinal muscles.

Many people feel better after one or two treatments because of the isolated spinal motion that occurs while doing the rehab.  When your back muscles are in spasm, your spine can not flex correctly.  This forces all movement into your hip joints.  When performing treatment on the MedX, your spinal joints have to move, and this gentle movement feels good.  This therapy brings blood flow to the muscles, reduces muscle spasms, and breaks the cycle of pain.

Advanced Spine and Rehabilitation is the first and only clinic in St. George to have this innovative technology.  Individuals suitable for this therapy include those with previous low back injuries and/or chronic low back pain.  No referral is necessary, and no extra out-of-pocket expense is required above Medicare and insurance coverage.  Call us if you have any questions at 435-656-3266, or visit our website for more info and videos about how the MedX Lumbar rehab can help you.

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