The Genealogy Corner… FamilySearch to use LDS Accounts with Universal Log In

shanna-jones1Issue 15.10

LDS Account is the sign in credentials (user name and password) that most LDS Church Web sites require you to have to access their site. The LDS Church is in the process of transitioning most of its sites and applications to LDS Account in order to reduce the number of user names and passwords you are required to have. You don’t have to be an LDS member to use LDS Account. While members of the Church will have access to additional resources specific to their membership, anyone is free to register for an account to use their public resources. The main public sites that currently use LDS Account are the Stake and Ward Web Sites, the Institute Course Registration site, LDSJobs – an Employment Resource Center, It’s About Love from LDS Family Services, LDS International Art Competition, LDS Account Profile Manager, The FamilySearch Wiki at ,FamilySearch Indexing at New FamilySearch at Account supports the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 6,7,8 Firefox 2,3Safari 4Chrome. An MRN (Membership Record Number) is only needed for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Your MRN can be found on the back of your temple recommend in the box labeled “Record Number”. If you don’t have a temple recommend, you can ask your ward clerk or Church leader for an Individual Ordinance Summary printed from Church records, which will contain your MRN. To obtain an LDS Account, visit:  Click on Begin Registration.  If you are not a member of the LDS Church, just click the top blue line to skip the first page.  Be sure to safeguard your username and password so that others will not be able to gain unauthorized access to your accounts. FamilySearch has many great new additions coming that are designed to make doing genealogy much easier.  These enhancements will also make family history records free and more accessible. For example you can index records at FamilySearch Indexing and earn records access at paid sites such as and Shanna Jones is a professional genealogist. For additional information, Shanna can be reached at (435) 628-4900 or

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