The Protection Of Funds Needed For Retirement… Helping Investors Recover Losses

Issue 6.11

Jan Graham served as Utah Attorney General from 1993 to 2001. When she decided not to run for a third term, she decided to focus her legal practice on helping victims of financial wrongdoing. Her firm, Graham Law Offices, represents customers of financial advisors who have suffered losses due to mismanagement or fraud. She has filed hundreds of cases against firms ranging from huge international brokers such as Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney to smaller independent financial advisors.   

The firm boasts an enviable track record of success – over 95% of cases have achieved some recovery for clients. The typical client is a person who has retired or is anticipating retirement and needed their savings to be safely invested, but their broker put the funds into excessively risky investments. “The rules for financial advisors require them to protect funds needed for retirement; if they break the rules, we can recover for the victims” said Graham. 

Cases can be filed now for losses going back no more than six years.

Graham says many investors have good legal claims and don’t know it. “Time and time again, we see cases where the broker promised the funds would be safe from loss over time, but when market drops hit, huge losses occur. Then the broker blames the market. The truth is it is easy for brokers to invest safely in programs that remain safe during market drops” Graham explained.

She said the case filing process is easy and most cases settle prior to any formal hearing. Clients pay no attorneys fees unless there is a recovery; the fee is a percentage of the recovery.

Graham says the major asset of her firm is her husband, Buzz Hunt, an economist who handles the financial analysis required of each case. He served as Salt Lake City Treasurer for two terms. “Our success in helping investors recover losses is mostly due to my husband’s expertise and determination”, Graham said. Their daughter, Elisabeth, also works in the firm as the Project Manager.

Jan can be reached for a free consultation by calling 888-596-9199.

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