Trip And Fall Lately?… Medical Alert To The Rescue!

Issue 11.11

Trip and fall lately? Seniors often won’t mention it unless they’re hurt, but new guidelines say that first tumble is a good predictor of who’s at risk for another, more serious fall.

With deaths from falls increasing, the guidelines urge doctors to ask patients to ‘fess up.

It’s a question of growing urgency, as fatal falls have spiked in the last decade. The government recorded more than 19,000 deaths from fall-caused injuries in 2005, the latest data available. Three-fourths were among people 65 and older.

Nonfatal falls trigger another half-million hospitalizations and almost 2 million emergency room visits.

Anybody can fall, especially during ice-slick winters or while playing sports.  But aging brings physical changes that make a fall more likely. Still, falls are something of the Rodney Dangerfield of injury prevention, so commonplace — one in three seniors falls each year — that they receive little attention until someone is seriously harmed, such as breaking a hip or suffering a brain injury.

Someone who’s fallen in the past year without a logical reason, such as a sports injury, has about a 55 percent chance of falling again — and thus may need special attention.

This is where Rescue Alert of Dixie comes in.  We provide peace of mind and security for people and their loved ones as illustrated in the following letter:

Dear Rescue Alert;

I just wanted to send you a quick note of extreme satisfaction with your service. I just returned the unit I had rented for my mother. She has now been moved to a nursing home with full care, but she used your unit for almost 8 months. In that time, she must have needed to call for help 10 or 12 times. Without the Rescue Alert, she would’ve been without help for days any number of times.
She was very impressed with the microphone sensitivity, as well as the ability to hear the speaker from anywhere in her apartment, even outside, when she locked herself out once! She simply pushed her button, talked to the attendant through her locked door, and the service called the fire department, who came and let my mother in, using the key in her lockbox.
 Finally, she fell and broke her hip, and used her button for what would be the last time. Paramedics came and took her to the hospital, and, following a brief week back hom! e with my visiting sister in attendance, she is now out of her apartment for good.
 In short, I could not be more pleased that I chose Rescue Alert for my mother. It definitely made me feel much better with her having the system, since I live many states away.
 Thanks again, not only for a great product, but for wonderful folks who attentively take care of your users, by way of the system. And the very reasonable price was only icing on the cake!
D. Harding

We receive many letters just like the one above.  Rescue Alert of Dixie provides affordable peace of mind and security.  Some other points to consider

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