To The Rescue!

Issue 12.12

On December 10th at 2:02 p.m., Rescue Alert’s Response Center received a “panic” signal from a subscriber.  The Certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) Attendant in our response center answered the alarm signal but receiving no reply, proceeded to call the subscriber at home; when the subscriber was unable to answer the telephone, the attendant assumed the worst and began contacting the subscriber’s responders.  Responder one and two were not home, but Responder three – a daughter – agreed to go over immediately and check on the subscriber (her mother).  At 2:16 p.m. the Response Center received a second “panic” signal from the subscriber’s home.  At this time, the attendant was able to make contact with the daughter, who requested an ambulance be called immediately.  The daughter relayed that when! she arrived her mother was on the floor and she was bleeding badly from a cut on her head.  The EMD certified attendant dispatched the EMS, and stayed on the line with the daughter to give pre-arrival instructions.  When the EMS arrived, they determined the subscriber was suffering from a concussion and would need stitches – she was transported to the hospital and later transferred to a rehabilitation center to recover.  The subscriber’s husband called Rescue Alert the next day to thank us for helping his wife.  He told us he did not get home until late on December 10th, and without her Rescue Alert System, his wife would have lain on the floor alone, bleeding, for hours.

Rescue Alert helps thousands of people everyday just like you to have a greater sense of freedom and independence. Rescue Alert simply provides peace of mind for you and those who care about you the most 24 hours a day.

Never be Afraid to Press Your Button

Many people are afraid that they will press their panic button on accident and that an ambulance will be sent to their home.  There is no need to worry about this because the emergency signal sent by Rescue Alert’s System is received by the Rescue Alert Response Center.  When you press your panic button, whether by accident or on purpose, you will be promptly contacted by a friendly Rescue Alert attendant who will ask if you need help.  Inadvertently pressing your button is ok, and more than that, it is an excellent test of the system. A note from a daughter of a subscriber, “We were so impressed with your quick action when Mom accidentally rolled over on her necklace and it went off.  It is so nice to have your service, you are very much app! reciated. I know it is a comfort for her.  Thanks again!”

A sense of comfort and security are very important and that is why we encourage our subscribers to manually test their Rescue Alert Systems regularly.

 Another note from another subscriber “Gordon said that he wants us to note that he used to work for IBM and he is amazed at the voice range of our unit.  He was surprised when I heard him from 35 feet away with the door closed.  He just wanted you to know.”

 Call Rescue Alert of Dixie today… don’t wait to have this peace of mind, get it before you need it!  Call (435) 986-1735 or toll free (877) 658-5729.

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