Leaving A Legacy

Issue 19.12

You’ve worked hard and have managed to put aside some money. Perhaps you want to leave a legacy to your children, grandchildren, or a favorite charity. Or, maybe you just like knowing it’s there in case you ever need it. Either way, you want your money to be secure and accessible.

Traditions Universal Life insurance is simple to obtain, and provides you immediate value, tax advantages and access to your money should you need it. Plus, with a Traditions Universal Life policy, your loved ones can receive proceeds on an income tax-free basis – something annuities and CDs can’t provide.

With a single premium payment, you can have guaranteed1 lifetime protection that requires no medical exam,2 plus peace of mind knowing your legacy will be passed on to your loved ones without additional costs or delays. In fact, your lump-sum payment is guaranteed to provide a higher death benefit value than the premium paid, immediately.

How do you know if Traditions Universal Life is right for you?

Do you have money set aside, maybe in CDs or savings, that you hope to pass on to loved ones?

Would you like to increase the amount of money you plan to leave to your loved ones with a single payment?

Do you want your loved ones to receive an inheritance without additional costs or delays?

Do you have assets you don’t currently need for income, but want access to should the need arise?

Your Farm Bureau agent has the knowledge and experience to make insurance simple for you. Contact your agent for help with your goals – today and in the future.

1The guarantees expressed in this brochure are based on the claims-paying ability of Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company.

2No medical exam is required; however your prescription profile, motor vehicle report and MIB will be requested and reviewed by the Company prior to underwriting your policy.

Not all products are available in all states. During the first 10 years, full surrenders are subject to a surrender charge. Surrender charges may be waived if eligibility can be established. Partial withdrawals will reduce the specified amount. CDs are FDIC insured. The product referenced here is not federally insured.

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