Mistakes To Avoid When Obtaining A Medical Alarm System

Issue 25.12

Medical alarms systems have been around for over two decades yet shopping for them is as complicated as ever.

Many have overpaid hundreds or thousands of dollars, been victims of hidden fees and charges, been forced to pay for early cancellation and have received poor quality equipment and sub-standard monitoring service.

In an effort to educate consumers, here is a list of some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when obtaining a medical alarm system.

Mistake #1: Shopping Only For Lowest Monthly Fee

This is the one BIGGEST mistakes most consumers make! Since many folks are not aware of the differences in available equipment and services, they simply ask about the prices and choose the least expensive.

If you were shopping for a parachute to save your life, would you select the cheapest one?  Why risk a loved-ones life and safety to save a few cents/day?

There are reasons why established, reputable medical alarm providers charge what they do. They have determined the lowest price – which provides an acceptable level of service – and refuse to trim services required to offer lower prices.  Rescue Alert of Dixie provides a very high level of service for a very competitive price!

Mistake #2: Signing Long Multi-Year Contractual Agreements

Very often, consumers agree to sign-up with a medical alarm service before reading the Customer Service Agreement that is required by virtually every company.

Less than forthright companies have been known to hide the agreement term in the fine print and can bind you for a minimum period of two to five years!  Rescue Alert of Dixie does not have any long-term contracts our service is month to month.

Mistake #3: Receiving Low Quality Equipment

Beware of companies that advertise cheap, low cost medical alarm systems. Often these offers require long-term agreements or may involve extremely poor quality equipment.

Yes, there is a significant difference in the quality of home medical alarm systems!


Generally speaking, the equipment’s range is a very good indicator of the transmitters & receivers quality.

The industry standard varies from 100-300 feet. Rescue Alert of Dixie’s tested range is 600 – 1000 feet depending on location.

Mistake #4: Receiving Low Quality Monitoring Services

Just like medical alarms system equipment, the emergency monitoring service center – and the personnel – can vary significantly in quality.

We have heard of nightmarish stories from folks that have experienced sub-standard monitoring services.

These stories include no two-way voice communications, no free tests, no emergency paramedic response, lengthy delays in responding to an alarm, etc.  Rescue Alert of Dixie’s response center is EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatcher) Certified.

Mistake #5 Not Asking How Long Their Call Center Has Been Monitoring Medical Alarm Systems.

Experience counts. You want a medical alarm call center that has been in business at least 20 years.

New medical alarm companies are everywhere but, when seconds count, experience can make all the difference.  Rescue Alert has been in business for over 20 years making us one of the pioneers in the industry.

Finally Rescue Alert of Dixie’s system will work with any phone service. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), DSL services, cable companies phone services, and of course standard telephone services will work with Rescue Alert’s alarms.  Not all companies can do this.  Call Rescue Alert of Dixie now to get your peace of mind!

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