Would You Choose A Book By Its Cover? How Do You Choose Your Insurance Company?

Issue 45.12

If you watch an hour of primetime television on any major network, you will probably see an average of 18 advertisements.  There is a good possibility that at least 4 of them will be about insurance.  If you watch very close, you may start to wonder what the differences really are and how you can choose.

Most insurance companies have more things in common than they have differences.  They have similar coverages, deductibles and products.  What may set your favorite insurance company apart from the others is your insurance agent.  In fact, you might not care what company they sell for as long as you have their service, advice, or whatever it is that makes you trust and depend on them.  Even companies that are rated high for claims’ satisfaction might simply have agents that do a better job making sure you have the protection needed for your situation.

You might consider the following when trying to choose an insurance professional:

Ask people you know and trust if they have someone they would recommend.  Be wary of websites with testimonials. 

Ask how you will communicate with them.  Will they come to your house?

Don’t make a purchase from someone who discourages you from getting advice from a family member or friend, or pressures you to decide immediately.

Have a prospective agent explain what the different coverages mean in a clear, non-insurance way.

Ask how you will get a hold of your agent in case of emergency, and what their claim process is.

As the world becomes more electronic, make sure you can pay, make changes and speak to someone without having to use the internet.

Most importantly, go with your gut.  If something seems too good to be true, or you are uncomfortable, there is probably a good reason.

The cheapest price doesn’t always get you the value you deserve.

Lori Prince is a representative of the Brasher Insurance group and can be reached at 435-705-4427.

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