What You Should Tell Your Insurance Agent

Issue 50.12

It is common knowledge that you should tell your doctor all of your symptoms, and all the different medications you are taking.  You wouldn’t expect your doctor to know how to treat your illnesses if you didn’t explain to him how you feel and what things worry you.

It is the same with your insurance agent. He or she should be giving you recommendations about your home and auto coverages, your liability limits, and ideas for helping to make sure you have a more secure financial future.  There are some things you need to make sure you tell your agent.

What your goals are for the next 5, 10, and 20 years

A general idea of how big your nest egg is so that the liability limits on your home and auto can be set high enough to make sure an accident doesn’t wipe out all your savings in a lawsuit.

What your expectations are for reviewing your insurance. (How often and where)

What is the best way to contact you in addition to your home phone number?

Whether or not you are working with additional financial professionals

What things you are concerned about relating to your insurance or financial situation

These are just a few of the things that will help your insurance agent meet your expectations and take the stress out of insurance.  A professional will be happy to hear you want to take an active roll in your insurance health.

Lori Prince is a representative of the Brasher Insurance group and can be reached at 435-705-4427.


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