Issue 25.13

Hazel was in her home and decided to change the light bulb. She got up onto a short table, but as she started changing the bulb, she lost her balance and fell to the floor.

Her hip broke and was hurting terribly but she could not press her personal help button to send the Rescue Alert Response Center an emergency signal because she was not wearing it.

She definitely couldn’t reach the telephone; there was nothing she could do. Luckily, Hazel’s Rescue Alert was scheduled to perform an automatic voice test that day. When the test signal was answered by the Response Center, it was discovered that she needed help. Hazel’s neighbor was called and the two waited together for an ambulance to arrive. We are happy to say that Hazel is still a subscriber here at Rescue Alert and is very faithful about wearing her panic button.

A study by the National Center for Health Services Research found that those elderly persons using personal emergency response systems: (1) required one day in a nursing home for every 13 needed by those not employing the system (2) experienced a much lower rate of emergencies-roughly one-half that of those not using the system and (3) felt much more comfortable living alone and more confident about continuing to live independently.

Many people are afraid that they will press their panic button on accident and that an ambulance will be sent to their house. There is no need to worry about this because the emergency signal sent by your medical alarm is received by the Rescue Alert Response Center. When you press your panic button, whether by accident or on purpose, you will be promptly contacted by a friendly Rescue Alert attendant who will ask if you need help. Inadvertently pressing your button is ok, and more than that, it is an excellent test of the system!

 A Compliment From a Subscriber

Earlier this year, I got a rescue alert for my grandmother, Emma. Each time I see her, she tells me that you call her on a regular basis, just to check on her; that when she went on vacation this spring, she phoned you to tell you and when she got back, phoned again to say that she was back. She went on to say that the woman on the phone asked how her vacation was, and that she was glad she had a great time. I can’t thank you enough for having such wonderful, friendly and caring people working for your company. My grandmother lives alone since the death of my grandfather. I live about an hour away and feel so grateful that should she need anything at all, you are just a push of a button away. THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU!!!!!

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