Consumer Alert

Issue 46.13

Dear Residents:

 It has come to our attention here at Rescue Alert of Dixie that many of you are victims of illegal and/or fraudulent telemarketing including “robo-calls” (a computerized auto-dialer that delivers a recorded message) that may lead to the following:

 •           misleading you to believe that you must update your medical alert unit

•           falsely portraying that a relative has arranged for you to receive a free alert unit

•           that you have been selected to receive a medical alarm unit free of charge

 We assure you this is not a practice of Rescue Alert of Dixie. Along with other industry leaders, Rescue Alert of Dixie is actively investigating these issues, and will contact consumer protection organizations to report all deceptive activity.

 If you or a loved one receives such a telephone call, please consider the following:

 •           DO NOT provide credit card or bank information

•           request contact information and identification from the caller

•           hang up and contact Rescue Alert of Dixie at (435) 986-1735 to report their caller ID or contact information

Through our investigation we have determined that some of these calls are originating outside of the country, and is proving very difficult to track them down.

 To those of you who are our loyal customers, we value you as a customer and hope this notice has reached you in time to prepare against such predatory practices.

 We thank you for your patronage and confidence in us and ask for your continued support of Rescue Alert of Dixie.

 We pledge to continue our endeavor to provide the very best service and customer satisfaction possible.

 If you currently have a medical alarm from another company or are interested in finding out more about medical alarms please give us a call!  We have no long-term contracts and very affordable.  We are locally owned and have a EMD certified response center right here in St. George.

For Safety, Help, and Peace of Mind call us today!


Stephen Olson, President

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