Living Life Through Learning

Issue 46.13

At Spring Gardens we believe in activity based care & acknowledge that activities are an integral part of our daily existence and gives meaning to our lives. They help us structure our day, give us a sense of accomplishment, & it makes us feel valued. Person-centered care is our approach that honors & respects the voices of our residents and those working closest with them. It involves a continuing process of listening, trying new things, seeing how they work, & changing things in an effort to individualize & improve life for our residents. Our goal at Spring Gardens is to engage our residents in life-long learning. Spring Gardens would like to introduce you to our Life Long Learning team Sandra Foote & Geoff Myers.  These two innovators help to create an environment for our residents and guests to truly see what whole person wellness is. Sandra’s classes consist of teaching Spanish, Creative Crafts, Bead-making and many community based service projects. Sandra loves to put together Fun events like water fights, piñata busting costume party, trips to Mesquite, & Zion’s National Park. Sandra also books our entertainment performers, like Music with Alan Foote, Music with Bar None, Singer: Bob Morris and many more. Geoff Myers feels that each one of our amazing residents has a great story and is working toward getting them all recorded.  Geoff also provides choir, piano & organ lessons to all who want them. Geoff believes in the power of music… Fun fact 15 minutes of singing produces the same amount of endorphins as running for 30 minutes. Geoff also provides Humanities, study of numbers, and Christmas around the world classes to name a few, he likes to change it up about every 10 weeks.  One of our resident’s favorite things is our Friday Night’s Dinner, & Live Music followed by movie and popcorn. Our team of innovators Sandra Foote & Geoff Myers are two big things that set Spring Gardens apart. We invite you to join us Friday Nights for our Live Music, Dinner & a movie. Come Feel the Difference…

To join us for our Friday Dinner, Music & Movie, please call to RSVP to *435.688.1622* dinner starts at 5pm, hope to see you there!


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