It’s Never Been Done Before

Issue 4.14

When we were young we looked at older people and said old age was for old  people and it never entered our minds that one day we would be old.  Now some of you in your 50’s and 60’s feel like you are in your late twilight years, because your health  is so poor, and it came on like a fast winter storm.

Others have enjoyed good health throughout the years, but lately have  began to experienced pain in your knees, lower back pain and other aches and pains in your bodies.  If you want to feel good you need to exercise, but who can exercise when we are in pain. This is where LifetimeVibe comes in.

There is hope for all of you, and this new machine does the exercise for you. While using this machine it stimulates 97% of all the muscles in your body. It  increases the blood flow and oxygen to your brain.  This new machine is made in Provo, Utah, (the only one in the world made in the USA).  A rancher from Enterprise just came in and tried my machine for his knee pain and loved it. He immediately felt better and could tell the difference.  He mentioned his wife was having lower back and hip pain, and wanted to know if this would help her.  I said, definitely yes.  He took a machine home for 5 days to use it at no obligation.  This machine does not cure anything.  It stimulates your body and your body heals itself.  My patients say that this machine is not a want, but a need for their feeling good.

This technology was used by the Russians in the 60”s for their space program.  They found that muscles deteriorated and bones lost their density in space.  With Whole Body Vibration the body was re-stimulated and the bone and muscle loss was corrected.

An 86 year old woman was in my office and she was so thin that if she stood sideways  I wouldn’t see her.  She said, “Dr. Cooper.”  I said, “Yes dear.”  She said, “Growing old is Hell!”

Growing old is Hell for some people. For many of you it does not have to be. I am going on 73 years old and my health is great.  For 14 years I had plantar fasciitis in both feet. It was like nails in the bottom of my feet when I walked.  Since using the machine I am 80% percent better and for over 6 years I haven’t been able to wear cowboy boots.  Guess what I have on my feet now?

Call us a 435-263-4705 and try the machine for 5 days in the comfort of your own home. You have nothing to lose but pain.  Dr. Cooper

P.S. The rancher bought the machine.

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