Why N-Hance Can Be Better Than DIY

Issue 13.14

Many of us enjoy doing home projects ourselves.  I’m a handy guy and if I don’t know how to do something I will usually figure it out.  However, there are things that I’m not good at doing nor do I want to do.  Sometimes it’s just better, easier, and more cost effective to have a professional do the work.  Redoing cabinets might be one of those things for you.

Traditional cabinet refinishing is time consuming, messy, and produces lots of odors and toxic fumes.  This can make you not even want to tackle the job, especially when cabinets are such a focal point in your home.  With N-Hance there is:

Less Hassle & Mess: Masking, stripping the previous finishes off, sanding, putting the plastic down; these are necessary parts of DIY traditional cabinet refinishing.  When you use N-Hance, we do the work, prep to finish for you.  Our process entails no sanding, very little odor and mess.  All you have to do is move out your cabinets.

Less Time Consuming:  As with most things, when you regularly perform the work you become an expert at what you do.  You know how to effectively do your job in the least amount of time.  I know if I jump into a project that I don’t regularly do, have all the knowledge, tools, and skill set for, it takes me a lot longer to complete the project.  Time is money.  N-Hance can complete most jobs within 3 days

Cost:  We already have the equipment needed, so you don’t have to buy and store things you don’t normally use.  N-Hance is also significantly less than new cabinets or refacing.

Expertise: We are experts in our field.  We know woods, finishes, and colors.  We can generate the complete look you are wanting.  The can of stain you buy from the store will look different on different types of wood and it may be hard to figure out what to buy in order to get final results you want.

N-Hance addresses all of these issues and provides a great option.  Contact us for FREE consultation,


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