Whole Body Vibration

Issue 24.14

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has been around since the 1960’s.  It was used by the Russians in their space program.   The Russians excelled in space compared to the Americans.  Russian Cosmonauts could stay in space over a year and return without any bone or muscle loss.  American astronauts could not stay in space more than six months. The astronauts had to be carried off the spacecraft because their legs were unable to support their weight due to bone deterioration and muscle loss.

The International Space Program partnered a sharing of information of why the Russians could stay up in space without any bone or muscle deterioration. They had been using Whole Body Vibration.  NASA now uses Whole Body Vibration in their space program.

There are many different types of WBV machines on the market and most are made in China.  Only one is made in the USA and that is LIFETIME VIBE, and it is made in Provo, Utah.

LifetimeVibe machine WBV is made for seniors.  It was designed to deal with health problems, and strengthen muscles.  The machine gently stimulates the whole body.  Ten minutes is equal to an hour of exercise.  We are not talking about the exercise and sweating work-outs, but the changes are in oxygen, increase blood flow, stimulation of nerves and all other areas of the body.  While on the machine 97% of your muscles are being stimulated.

When using LifetimeVibe, you will notice a wonderful tingling sensation in your legs, or your lower back and other areas of your body.

Diabetics especially need the machine. Exercise is the most important thing for them to maintain good circulation.  However, most diabetics hurt when they try to exercise.  Just step, or sit on the machine and let the machine do the exercise for you.  You will immediately feel an increase in circulation and relief from pain.

Pain or numbness in your feet? The machine increases stimulation of nerves and blood to your lower extremities rejuvenating your body and increasing feeling once again.

Other machines made in China are too powerful for seniors.  They are made to increase physical strength for athletes. 

This machine is beautiful, and made of Pennsylvania Cherry wood with powder coated steel.  It is light weight and will fit in any home and will accommodate any person under 350 lbs.

You will not believe the relief the machine offers you.  There are many seniors in Southern Utah that have taken advantage of the one week in-home free trial, with no obligation.   I guarantee you will experience a wonderful change in your well-being.

The machine is affordable and we have a No Interest Loan available for 1 year.

Call Angie at 435-263-4705 or Ed at 435-632-7443 and experience a change in your health. Dr. Cooper  435-477-1700.

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