Historical Fiction Book Published… Jacob’s INHERITANCE

Issue 34.14

Do you see the cover on the other page with a picture of a Buckskin horse on it?  The book is called Jacob’s INHERITANCE.

I was thinking about the horse trips I had taken to the Tetons some years ago with   sixteen of my friends.  We had ridden eighty miles up into the Yellowstone in one week.  The fishing was great and the food was spectacular.  Our guide’s name was Purdy, and he was one crazy horse wrangler.  While we were in camp one day, Purdy came whooping and hollering, as he chased a cow elk through camp.  He was trying to heel her (rope her back legs) just for sport. We all scattered. 

Riding those long miles into the Tetons, We camped where the Sioux Indians camped, we rode the trails where they would have ridden, and we saw the beautiful mountains that they saw… and it became a part of me.

A few months later I had the inspiration for a book.  It dealt with a young man who lived in Boston in 1850.  He had always wanted to be with his Uncle Zac, who was a mountain man in the Utah Territory. He received a letter from an attorney in California which stated that his uncle had died and left him his estate. To collect it he had to come to San Francisco, California and meet with his uncle’s attorney.  His parents said his uncle never had amounted to anything.  The attorney has sent money to a bank in Boston with sufficient funds for him to travel by ship to meet with him. There was only one condition: he had to go alone.  He made his decision and went.  Upon his arrival, he met with the attorney and found that his uncle’s estate was valued at over $100,000.00.  To inherit the estate, he must spend two years with his uncle’s best friend, a mountain man, and also one year with the Sioux Indians.

Many of the names and places are real.  The story is historical fiction.  It begins several years prior to the civil war. There is excitement, adventure, romance and humor.  Blaine Yorgason, as many of you know has authored over eighty books and some have been made into movies. He read the manuscript and said it was a real page gripper. He loved it, and recommended it for anyone who wanted a good read. He is endorsing the book.  This book is for any age.  It is clean and wholesome.  You can sit back and just relax for a fascinating read. There are three more volumes coming.  This is the first volume.  The second Volume is now in the editing stage and Volume three is being completed, and Volume four is still being researched. I am self publishing this book. If you go to your book store they will have to order it for you, or order from Amazon.  You also can go to and order one, or call me at 435-531-9418 and order one directly from me.  The cost is $16.95 plus shipping. I accept credit card orders.  I am positive all of you will enjoy it. 

Thanks, Doc Cooper, Parowan, Utah

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