Minor Kitchen Remodels Top Home Investment Lists

Issue 39.14

I get called to homes for many different reasons. Everyone’s needs and wants vary greatly. I like to talk about the costs of different ideas as early in our consultation as possible. I offer my best advice for each situation, back it up with different cost options, and create a plan.  The comfort in what I do are the facts behind it. Kitchen remodeling is on the country’s top ten list of any Return On Investment (ROI) for your home. It’s more commonly a top five item. More specifically and adequate for most remodel situations is a minor kitchen remodel.  Here’s FYI. Number one on most lists is a new entry door, followed by new garage door. I know a couple of great local guys for if you want either.

A minor kitchen remodel can be considered the A la carte menu. Let’s just get one or two items and save some room for dessert. Minor is also a very personal feeling. Minor to me is not minor to you. I’m in construction daily so it’s a fairly normal, minor thing to me. I don’t live in your house with the dust, the mess, and the hassle remodeling can most times bring with it. The good news for you…minor is a more manageable way to continuously keep your house and add value. So we know minor kitchen remodels make financial sense.  You also reap the benefits of updated looks and function of new items. Let’s get cookin’!  Here’s a few items to think about for a kitchen A la carte remodel.

Offered for your kitchen remodeling pleasure in no particular order:

1. New appliances.

2. Paint walls and Trim.

3. Tile backsplash.

4. New flooring.

5. Change the cabinet color.

6. New granite, quartz or laminate countertops.

7. New plumbing fixtures.  Sometimes just a new shiny sink goes a long ways.

8. New lighting. Get rid of the ceiling light box and add recessed can lighting, or add cool pendent lights over your island.

9. New cabinet hardware. Bling, Bling!

10. Add a needed storage space or cabinet. Form and Function. Win Win.

11. Decorative crown molding around cabinets.

Always try to consider the effects of one area on another. Consider the order of certain items.  Don’t put in a new tile backsplash if you are getting a new countertop in the future, etc. Bon Appetit!!!

Call Nhance at 435-669-7080 for your Free In Home Consultation in the Saint George area.  We are here to help with your kitchen remodel needs.

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