Too Good To Be True?

Issue 3.15

I’ve been writing in the Senior Sampler for 3 years. I recently went to a consultation where the potential client has been reading my articles. He said he had wanted to talk to me for a long time. Some of what I write about seems “too good to be true.” I immediately thought back to what I write, what I try to portray to you the readers, and what information I try to provide. I also, from a business stand point, try to set expectations and not oversell a service. I’d like to talk about how what I write could be portrayed as to good to be true.

I am a born optimist and will be until I die. I know of no problem that does not have a solution or a silver lining. We refer to problems in my business as an opportunity.  If it’s an unforeseen situation or we just plain screwed up, there is an opportunity; opportunity to learn, to change, to make it right.

I have 20 years of woodworking experience, have built numerous houses, remodeled numerous houses, and I love what I do. My fear of ripping out, renewing, or changing the color in your kitchen or mine is nonexistent. It’s an opportunity to make it better.  I am aware of anxiety that projects in your home can bring to many homeowners. I try to gauge your expectations and tolerance in our consultation. It is the most important item to discuss so we are both happy with the results of a project. Is it easy? No. Is it work? Yes.  Is it manageable for most people? Yes.

What about the work and products I represent? Have I made them sound too good to be true? I hope not. Products and the technology to create new products and methods change at a rapid pace. They get better, safer, more environmentally friendly, and easier to use constantly. The products we use are somewhat amazing compared to products we used 5 years ago. Just to think you can apply a durable finish on wood without a respirator and the fear of death if it touches your skin is still somewhat unbelievable to me. To know I can change the color of your cabinets without stripping, sanding, and destroying your home for weeks is pretty wonderful, but true. With that said what we offer and can do for you completely depends on what you want in the end. This is why I come out and take a look, gauge your expectations, talk about your tolerance. Many appointments I go to I never give an estimate. I give input, suggestions, and if needed referrals to a company that can better suit your needs.

What we do truly provide is the simplest, healthiest, most durable way to refinish your cabinets. As well as the ability to add cabinets, moldings, knobs and handles, roll out shelving, or an entirely new kitchen.

Call me at Nhance, 435-669-7080 for your Free In-home Consultation in the Saint George area. We are here to help with your kitchen remodel needs.

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