Spring Clean Cabinets… Get A Fresh New Kitchen

Issue 13.15

You can feel it in the air. It’s that time of year. Dixie is springing into spring. Along with spring comes the great feeling of new growth, new beginnings, and cleaning up for a fresh start. It’s that time of year the Honey-Do-List gets pushed to the forefront and we scramble to spring clean. A clean, fresh kitchen may be on your list, or possibly should be on your list. Renewing the finish and adding a protective coating to your cabinets is a great way to add to the beauty of spring around your home.

Renewal is not wood refinishing. Wood refinishing entails stripping, sanding, dust, mess, harsh chemicals, extensive manual labor to remove the existing finish and you are able to apply a new finish.  Renewal uses your existing finish with the use of environmentally friendly, non hazardous cleaners, sealers and hand applied finishes. A cabinet renewal restores, repairs, and brings your cabinetry back to like new luster. Today’s products add protection better than the cabinet’s original finish; require no sanding, no dust, and no mess to apply.  Of course there are many Do It Yourself options or you may seek professional help.  Renewal is quick way to bring your cabinets back to life this spring.

Here are some of the benefits of renewing your cabinets for spring:

Convenience.  An average cabinet renewal takes one day. You don’t even have to empty your Cabinets.

  1. No Dust. No Odor. No Mess.  Water Based Products, No Sanding, No harsh Chemicals, make the renewal process clean and odor free. Traditional refinishing can keep you out of your house for days with unhealthy vapors, dust and mess.
  2. Going Green!  That’s right, what’s more green than reusing something? Going Green is going to save you some green, cabinet renewal is on average 1/5th the cost of new cabinets if a professional is hired. Less if you’re a DIY champ.
  3. No need to redecorate your home.  Your home décor is centered on your cabinets color.  A new painted white kitchen may not be a great change unless you are prepared to replace flooring, countertops, and paint walls to bring everything back together.

NHance is your cabinet renewal specialist.  Call Nhance at 435-668-7090 for your Free In Home Consultation in the Saint George area.

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