Restore Don’t Replace

Issue 18.15

Is your home’s woodwork dingy, worn, scraped, scratched, or flaking off?  Do your cabinets have dirt, dust, and grime build up from opening and closing doors and drawers?  Your woodwork can be restored, often in one day.  How is this possible?  With Nhance Wood Renewal.

Nhance products, procedures, and technicians clean, repair, and restore your woodwork.  Coated with a durable safe water based, eco-friendly polyurethane finish. The average job takes just one day to complete, start to finish. That’s right, one day to complete.  Cabinets don’t need to be emptied, you don’t need to leave your home, and animals don’t need to be vacated.  All Nhance services use NO Dust, NO Mess, NO Odor products and procedures.  This makes it quick and convenient to return your kitchen cabinets to new luster. Of course, these same techniques can be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, floors, and on anything wood that needs restoration.  Save your wood front doors before you replace them.  Nhance also offers color change services that completely transform the color and look of your woodwork.

I am amazed at how often clients think the wood in their home is unfixable and must be replaced.  Sink doors with finish flaking off, sun damaged front doors, worn wood floors.  All can be repaired to their earlier condition, sometimes better than new. Sometimes this change adds more character, age, and appeal than new.  Because of technology the new finish is more durable than the original.  Replacing is rarely a necessity. Explore the option of restoring your cabinets and woodwork before replacing. You may save money, time and inconvenience.

Nhance is your Wood Restoration Specialist.  Call Nhance at 435-669-7080 for your Free In Home Consultation.

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