Is This A No Brainer?… Can Questions CURE? #1

  • What if . . . asking new questions could improve our memory?
  • What if . … We really could grow new nerve connections in our brain to have more focus?
  • What if . . . my anxiety and lack of sleep were causing my fuzzy thinking?
  • Could this be caused by a simple listening DELAY in the electrical nerve system?
  • What if . . . my Right Brain could talk directly to my Left Brain?

a)                  What changes would I notice?

b)                  Would it improve my balance?

c)                  Would that unlock my creativity because I was sleeping deeper?

  • Could this . . . help me solve the tasks at work I am facing?
  • What if . . . a few weeks of Brain Training caused me to be able to LISTEN to my spouse or child so THEY really felt heard?
  • What if . . . the words I am reading right now are true?


Welcome to “ASK

Email me your Questions and let’s have a Dialogue that can change the “collective conversation” right here in Southern Utah and Nevada!

Q.  What is the connection between real documented Brain Training and Chopra University?

A. Dr. Rudy Tanzi Ph.D. is the world leader in prevention of Alzheimer research.  He has teamed up with Dr. Deepak Chopra MD to write the book:  SUPER BRAIN.  This is not theory; it is an OWNERS MANUAL for how to use your brain!

The 8 week Senior Initiative at ISHIM is the Intensive daily

“HOW TO” and “DO IT” which has been co-funded by Grants from YHYC Foundation and recognized by the NIH for brain research for 18 years.

Call now for class schedules

Call 435-673-5599.

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