Is This A No Brainer?… Can Questions CURE? #2

Issue 28.15

Part ONE:

 What are some miracles about my Brain Function that I may want to be grateful for?

Most of the time, we are so used to our brain functioning smoothly and automatically that we don’t take time to think about what is going on underneath. Walking, eating, and discussing a book…all of these things seem very natural and easy, but each and every one is done through a series of functions that the brain performs. In order to really understand the abilities of the brain, as well as the limitations, you need to be doing much more than brain teasers and games on line!  Here’s a look at some of the things you probably didn’t know about:

1 – Working Memory

Think about math for a moment. Whether you love math, or hate it, you definitely will be familiar with working out a problem in your head. When your brain holds multiple units of information and manipulates them to actually solve that problem in your head, you are using a mental capacity known as working memory: This is a way to not only remember something you already knew, but to interpret and apply information “real time” to solve the problem by using that formula. So it is a critical ingredient for learning and for decision-making.

2 – Regulate Emotions

If you are like many of us, at home or at work, you need to work as a team. However, at times, you might find that another person is doing something that you don’t agree with and it makes you angry. Are you going to release your full wrath?  No, hopefully you won’t– thanks to the brain function known as emotional self-regulation…as long as you have exercised this “mental muscle” enough and it’s ready for you to flex.


Welcome to “ASK

Email me your Questions and let’s have a Dialogue that can change the “collective conversation” right here in Southern Utah and Nevada!

Q.  What is the connection between real documented Brain Training and Chopra University?

A. Dr. Rudy Tanzi Ph.D. is the world leader in prevention of Alzheimer research.  He has teamed up with Dr. Deepak Chopra MD to write the book:  SUPER BRAIN.  This is not theory; it is an OWNERS MANUAL for how to use your brain!

The 8 week Senior Initiative at ISHIM is the Intensive daily

“HOW TO” and “DO IT” which has been co-funded by Grants from YHYC Foundation and recognized by the NIH for brain research for 18 years.

Call now for class schedules

Call 435-673-5599.

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