Is This A No Brainer?… Can Questions CURE? #4

Issue 30.15


What are some miracles about my Brain Function that I may want to be grateful for?

Most of the time, we are so used to our brain functioning smoothly and automatically that we don’t take a lot of time to think about what is going on underneath. Walking, eating, and discussing a book…all of these things seem very natural and easy, but in truth, each and every one is done through a series of functions that the brain performs. In order to really understand the abilities of the brain, as well as the limitations, you need to be doing much more than brain teasers and games on line!  It is also important to look at some of the things you probably didn’t know about:

5 – Sequencing

Perhaps you have a project you need to complete for work. Before you start, you will need to figure out what step to take first, then the rest of the steps in sequence. The ability of your brain to do this, and put steps in order from most to least important is known as sequencing. Speed of Sound Brain Training at threshold improves your brains ability to master these skills.  You benefit by having a calm mind and spirit as you tackle the task like you did ten years ago!

6- Inhibition

Are you on a diet? How do you keep yourself from eating a chocolate bar? Actually, your brain does it for you with a function known as inhibition.  Brain Training can cause your body’s circadian rhythms to synchronize.  So you begin to sleep, eat, digest and work with more energy, and your body naturally lowers its stress hormones like cortisol and food regulators like ghrelin.

continues with each passing year.  In addition, bones may become more brittle or thin. Because of this, the goals for treatment should include strengthening the back with modified core exercises, and keeping flexibility and range of motion intact through physical therapy or home exercises. These help support the spine. Reducing pain is essential to be able to engage in exercise and do daily activities. Medications that help with inflammation can also help, as well as epidural or facet injections. Our office specializes in spine interventions and pain management, ranging from recommending over the counter medications to chronic pain support and management. We are dedicated to helping you find options that work for you while focusing on your safety and health. We would love to meet with you and discuss your concerns.


If you experience chronic pain or spine issues, our office can help you get back on your feet. Please call Desert Pain Specialists @ (435)216-7000 to schedule a visit with us.

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