Is This A No Brainer?… Can Questions CURE? #5

Issue 31.15


What are some miracles about my Brain Function that I may want to be grateful for?

Are we are so used to our brain functioning smoothly that we don’t take time to think about what is going on underneath?  Walking and eating…things that seem very easy, but each one is done through a series of functions that the brain performs.  To really understand the abilities of the brain, as well as the limitations, you need to be doing much more than brain teasers and games on line!  Here are two more things you probably didn’t know about:

7 – Attention

Imagine being on the beach. There are people around you, children playing and laughing, and the waves beating against the shore. Yet, you are still able to block all of that out and focus your attention on the book you are reading.  This is the ability to focus on a certain thought, or action at will. Real Brain Training which uses Auditory Processing software actually exercises the tiny muscles inside your middle ears.  Yes, it’s a real workout for these tiny muscles which then allows you to mentally tune out whatever you want.   That’s also why this 50 year science helps you hear more clearly because the muscles train your cochlear hair cells to send correct signals to the brain.   Did you learn something new?  Email us with your question. We are listening!

8 – Working Memory vs. Long Term Memory

When you can recall a phone number that you have just been given and remember what you were doing three summers ago, you might think you are simply using your memory, but in truth, you are using two different types of memory. Remembering the new phone number uses working memory, which is limited storage that you will soon forget. Remembering your summer from years ago is using long term memory, which is practically unlimited.

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