Is This A No Brainer… Can Questions CURE? #6

Issue 32.15

Part FIVE:

What are some miracles about my Brain Function that I may want to be grateful for?

Most of the time, we are so used to our brain functioning smoothly and automatically that we don’t take time to think about what is going on underneath. Walking, eating, and discussing a book…all of these things seem very natural and easy, but each and every one is done through a series of functions that the brain performs. In order to really understand the abilities of the brain, as well as the limitations, you need to be doing much more than brain teasers and games on line!  Here’s a look at some of the things you probably didn’t know about:

9 – Motor Function

When you walk down the street, type on a computer or shake a hand, you are using the motor function of your brain. This is the ability for us to move our bodies and manipulate objects.

10 – Visual and Spatial Processing

Last but not least. When you see a large M in the corner of a major city, you recognize that as the sign for a metro stop, right?  This is because your brain is using its visual abilities.

As you can see, we need much more than “memory” or “intelligence” in order to enjoy our lives, so it is important to learn how to enhance and maintain a variety of brain functions, not just one. The brain is working constantly –even though we don’t realize it all the time– and you are now aware that there are many important functions that occur that you probably didn’t know about. What you do with this knowledge now is up to you.

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