Ever Felt Ripped Off, Or Overcharged On A Car Repair?

Issue 41.15 WILL build your confidence when dealing with mechanics and car repair, making sure you never over pay again, locally or nationally.

After 34 years in the automotive industry and training thousands of owners and their mechanics in 16 states Marvin Ray has decided to give his suit cases away and stay in Washington County full time.

During his time of traveling and training he and his lovely wife Diane have developed an incredible solution to an overwhelming problem:

  • The lack of trust that people have with auto mechanics.

Have you or someone you know ever felt ripped off, or overcharged on a car repair?

  • How would you like it if you could be told the repair was necessary & the cost correct, giving you control of the situation with confidence?

Here’s the facts:

  • 85% of women, 72% of men feel ripped off or overcharged when it comes to car repair.
  • The Consumer Federation of America stated “Billions of dollars are spent annually in faulty and improper car repair.” is here for these very reasons, they are an automotive technology company that took three prestige’s awards last year for their process in making sure consumers never get ripped off. locally has put together a 1 Year Total Car Repair & Maintenance Solution Membership with their working partner Lindsay May of Santa Clara and his over 40 years’ experience in automotive repair. This membership value is worth over $550 for only $129.95, it includes 3-Oil Changes, Safety Inspection, Major Repair Discounts, Comprehensive Car Check-up, Comprehensive Check Engine Light Diagnostics, Transmission Flush Discount, Coolant Flush, Fuel Injector Clean and additional services.’s mission is for people to have confidence in car repair.  Visit them at 297 West St. George Blvd. (part of the Shell gas station) or call 435-275-0898 today.

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