Will Car Repairs In The Future Financially Cripple You?

Issue 46.15

I knew that title would get your attention, and it should!

To help you better understand your car and the automotive industry, is offering a FREE eBook download the month of November; “When You Don’t See Eye To Eye With Your Mechanic” under our Blog tab.

Here is what you will find in the book:

* Will car repair financially cripple you?

* What do you mean, “There’s a charge?”

* How does a mechanic arrive at his costs?

* How do I choose a good shop?

The do-it-yourself auto repair days are long gone. As a result of this, costs associated with fixing cars have increased. Working on today’s cars is a specialty. It’s not something you want to trust with your next-door-neighbor who works on his old 1975 Chevy Pickup. This high technology, along with more and more gadgets on your car, is going to cost you when something doesn’t work correctly. And trust me, that is going to happen – it’s just a matter of time.

Making sure your car is maintained properly today is more important than ever before. With the new GDI (Gas Direct Injection) and the many new systems being put on today’s cars it is now more important than ever, to make sure your car is maintained properly. is here to help you when you travel this holiday season. We will make sure you are taken care of – if by chance, a problem evolves while you are on the road.

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