The Gift Of Volunteering

Issue 8.16

Have you ever wanted to help someone live a better, healthier, and happier life?  What if you had the opportunity to give this gift to countless people you have never met?

Volunteers play a significant role in the development and progression of treatment for every illness.  Your gift is your participation.  Participants in clinical research are the “front-line” champions in the medical world.  Every life-saving treatment started with a volunteer.

Our area is fortunate to have several physician groups conducting a variety of clinical trials to improve treatment in several therapeutic areas.  Chrysalis Clinical Research coordinates research for physicians and is currently enrolling trials for diabetes, osteoarthritis of the knee, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Meniere’s disease, shingles, and pediatric cold.

Diabetes is a disease that affects our body’s ability to produce and utilize insulin.  Our ongoing diabetes trials include both insulin and non-insulin therapies.  These trials provide great education and a solid foundation for patients to build on.  All trial related materials, tests, procedures, medications, and trial related visits with the doctor and research team are free for participants.  Participants will gain a better understanding of diabetes and how to appropriately manage it with both medication and lifestyle modifications.  Participants will be educated by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and dieticians.

Arthritic knees are very common and often very uncomfortable.  Our osteoarthritis trial is looking at treatment specifically for the knees.  The medication in this trial is already being used daily by internal medicine and orthopedic doctors and has provided significant relief for many sufferers of osteoarthritis.  The screening visit for this trial includes an X-ray evaluation and knee assessment performed by a participating doctor.

The current trial for high blood pressure and high cholesterol is evaluating a single pill to treat both illnesses.  This medication is a combination of two medications that have already been used and shown to be safe and effective.  Again, all trial related materials, tests, procedures, medications, and trial related visits with the doctor and research team are free for participants.

Meniere’s disease is associated with vertigo, hearing loss, and ringing of the ears.  Our trial for Meniere’s disease is researching a new formulation of a commonly used medication to help decrease episodes of vertigo.  The screening visit for this trial includes a thorough examination including the measurement of hearing acuity.

The shingles trial is looking at a medication that treats both the acute episode of shingles and decreases the pain often left behind by this illness.  Participants in this trial will need to have developed symptoms of shingles within the last 72 hours.

Finally, the pediatric cold trial is looking at a medication commonly used in adults and formulating a safe formulation for children.

For more information or to see if you might qualify for a clinical trial and help us bring new innovative drugs/devices to market contact Chrysalis Clinical Research at 435 656 1704 or visit our webpage www:

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