Why Do Some Eyeglasses Cost More Than Others?

Issue 42.16

Most understand the concept that not all things are made equal and, of course, you get what you pay for.  With eyeglasses it’s very much the same.  There are stark differences in the quality the frames we wear and the lenses we look through.  So what are some of those differences that would make a pair of glasses cost more than another?

Poorer quality frames are not hypo-allergenic.  Meaning they could actually cause irritation to your skin and certain metal frames may actually corrode and leave a green mark.  Quality frames are made with stronger screws and more comfortable nose pads that hold up longer and need less repairs, and well made frames will hold adjustments better so that your glasses won’t need as many tune ups or tweaks.

There are many types of plastic materials that lenses are made out of now days.  Some give clearer optics, meaning more crisp vision than others.  While the material is important, what can be applied to the lens to make it more durable is where quality can really vary.  Anti-glare coatings are essential to any great pair of glasses.  They help the wearer notice less glare and those around them won’t get reflections off their friends’ glasses either.  Cheap coatings are only sprayed onto the lens and literally rub off each time you clean the lenses and over a short time can have a “craze” or “dry dirt” appearance that will decrease and distort vision.

Lastly, let’s talk about progressive, no-line bifocal, lenses. There have been over 9 generational improvements of these lenses.  When you’re offered a “cheaper” progressive lens, it’s likely an older generation lens.  One of the big frustrations with older generation lenses is that they are harder to adapt to.  These older designs can make you feel nauseated and dizzy.  The newer designs are much more comfortable and easier to adapt to, as technology advances so do progressive lenses.  When I talk to patients about progressives I tell them, if you’re going to do it then do it right, if not then it could come back and bite you, leaving you with a frustrating experience.

If you’re ever concerned or have questions about what lenses you have, or what lenses are the best quality, feel free to ask our doctors or staff what would work the best for you.

Dr. Drake can be contacted at SouthWest Vision 435-673-5577.

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