Making Sure It’s All Planned

Issue 22.17

I recently asked my sister if she and her husband have done any funeral planning for themselves. She responded that they had it all taken care of. She said they have already purchased their cemetery plots. I said that is very nice but who is going to pay for the funeral which will have the costs for the embalming, casket, burial vault, death certificates, flowers, guest book, dressing of the body, headstone and obituary? She said she hadn’t thought about that.
Too often when we make plans for an event, there always seems to be additional items that need to be taken care of at the last minute. That can be the case in planning a funeral or cremation for a loved one. A pre-planning funeral consultant will help you review over all of the items that are needed to plan for a funeral or a cremation.
What are the advantages of pre-planning a funeral or cremation?
1. Lock in and guarantee the price now to guard against price increases in the future. This is done by entering into a “Pre-Need Contract” in purchasing a funeral or cremation insurance policy. This policy will also identify the specific goods and services you are purchasing. We offer several different payment plans to accommodate your specific needs. We also recommend that you consult with a reputable Pre-Need Funeral Consultant or Funeral Director regarding the applicable laws in your state.
2. You own the funeral /cremation insurance policy. If you move, you can take that policy and use it to pay for a funeral or cremation with another funeral home. However, there may be different costs at that new funeral home which means you would need to pay the difference if their prices are higher, or the insurance policy will issue a refund if their prices are lower. (Check the policy to make sure this option is available)
3. A pre-paid funeral/cremation insurance policy provides peace of mind knowing these arrangements have been made in advance. With a pre-paid funeral/cremation policy you eliminate the worry and stress that would be placed on your loved ones after your passing. Very often family members may have different ideas and opinions about the funeral/cremation services for a loved one. Plus, it eliminates the financial burden for your loved ones having to pay for your funeral/cremation services.
To speak with Ted Stromness about your specific funeral or cremation planning, please feel free call Ted at (435) 986-9100 or stop by our office anytime. Serenity Funeral Home of Southern Utah is located just off Riverside Dr. at 1316 S. 400 E., Ste. A5, St. George, UT.
Ted Stromness is a Pre-Need Funeral Consultant with Serenity Funeral Home & Cremation Center of Southern Utah and has been an licensed insurance agent for 42 years.

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