The Seniors’ Point Of View

The Senior Sampler is an upbeat publication with a variety of interesting, informative and entertaining articles. The following information can be used for those interested in advertising to the seniors.

The Senior Sampler:

· Has been established in St. George for over 25 years.

· Is an independently owned local publication.

· Is dedicated to the 50+ age group..


· The Sampler is distributed for free on our racks throughout St. George, Washington, Hurricane, LaVerkin, Leeds, Springdale, Cedar City, and in Mesquite, Nevada.

· It is published weekly each Friday.

· 8,000+ papers are distributed each week and our circulation is increasing steadily each month.

About advertising with us:

· Most importantly, we are a specialty paper dedicated to a specific audience. This gives you an advantage because your ads aren’t lost in a multitude of broad-spectrum ads like in other papers.

· Ads are priced at competitive rates and there are always discounts available.

· There are fewer ads per page than most other publications so your offer won’t get lost in the jumble.

· The whole paper is put on the Internet each week, giving your ads extra exposure.

· We will soon offer web/print advertising packages for the increased exposure of your ads.

Online Information:

· You can visit our website at

· You can download a PDF version of the current paper by following a link.

· We are working on this new interactive website; stay tuned.

Do you the advertiser realize that a significant share of discretionary income in this retirement community is controlled by people over age 50? Shouldn’t you be directing a large portion of your advertising budget to this market?

The Senior Sampler is the perfect vehicle for you to reach this important group of consumers.

The Senior Sampler is published weekly and is free to the reader. We provide an upbeat, interesting publication that is unique. Reaching the age of 50+ doesn’t mean that interests totally

change, they just expand. Seniors today are healthier, more active and vibrant than ever before.

While we publish the important information pertaining to those mature people in the area, we also concentrate on a wide variety of articles that are entertaining and interesting, articles about local issues, local people, life stories, local events and activities, and local history. To that mix we add trivia and offer a fun read. We also use well recognized local writers, who have expertise in various fields of interest.

A few more reasons to consider advertising opportunities in the Senior Sampler:

• Research suggests that the average consumer will need to be exposed to your message seven times before making the buying decision. It is a good idea to use more than one advertising medium to get your message across.

• The Senior Sampler is simple and straightforward to read with fewer ads per page than most other publications. So your offer won’t get lost in the jumble!

• Our aim is to increase the number of pages as we get more ads, not to flood the pages we already have, enabling your ads to be easily seen.

• The whole paper is put on the Internet each week, giving extra exposure.

• It is good value for the money! Compare our prices with other advertising mediums and you will find that we are very competitive.

• Our readers tell us they always pick up the Senior Sampler and read it from cover to cover because it is so interesting and well put together.