Restore Don’t Replace

Issue 18.15 Is your home’s woodwork dingy, worn, scraped, scratched, or flaking off? Do your cabinets have dirt, dust, and grime build up from opening and closing doors and drawers? Your woodwork can be restored, often in one day. How is this possible? With Nhance Wood Renewal. Nhance products, procedures, and technicians […]

Spring Clean Cabinets… Get A Fresh New Kitchen

Issue 13.15

You can feel it in the air. It’s that time of year. Dixie is springing into spring. Along with spring comes the great feeling of new growth, new beginnings, and cleaning up for a fresh start. It’s that time of year the Honey-Do-List gets pushed to the forefront and we scramble […]

Too Good To Be True?

Issue 3.15

I’ve been writing in the Senior Sampler for 3 years. I recently went to a consultation where the potential client has been reading my articles. He said he had wanted to talk to me for a long time. Some of what I write about seems “too good to be true.” I […]

Daylight Saving Time Is Almost Over. How Did This Happen Anyway?

Issue 44.14

I usually write about really exciting wood stuff, but the time change is looming and I hear a lot of talk about it. I’m not a fan of time change. I don’t care which one “they” pick, just quit messing with us. I’ve been wondering how this all got started. I’m […]

Minor Kitchen Remodels Top Home Investment Lists

Issue 39.14

I get called to homes for many different reasons. Everyone’s needs and wants vary greatly. I like to talk about the costs of different ideas as early in our consultation as possible. I offer my best advice for each situation, back it up with different cost options, and create a plan. […]

The Wood Floor Elephant In The Room

Issue 34.14

Wood Floors; most people have them and it’s generally an area that needs attention. But the idea of refinishing a wood floor is very intimidating for most of us. It can be a huge, stinky, messy, long, invasive process. I see more people try to hide them then talk about fixing […]

The “Smart” Choice

Issue 28.14

I recently read an article on Updating your Kitchen. It mentioned Changing Cabinet Color as a “Smart Remodeling Option.” I thought about this and realized how extremely true it is. Many times we buy or replace something because we don’t know better; we don’t know all of our options. I know […]

What’s Cool In Cabinets? Paint!

Issue 23.14

I’m a “cabinet guy”. It’s my job to stay on top of the latest cabinet trends, gadgets, equipment and techniques for my industry. I spend a lot of time on websites, looking at pictures, reading publications for home and kitchen design. I also spend a great deal of time with […]

Restore, Don’t Replace

Issue 18.14

Is the woodwork in your home dingy, worn, scraped, scratched, or dinged? Do your cabinets have dirt, dust, and grime build up from opening and closing doors and drawers? Your woodwork can be restored in one day. How is this possible? With Nhance! Nhance cleans, repairs, fills and restores your woodwork, […]

Why N-Hance Can Be Better Than DIY

Issue 13.14

Many of us enjoy doing home projects ourselves. I’m a handy guy and if I don’t know how to do something I will usually figure it out. However, there are things that I’m not good at doing nor do I want to do. Sometimes it’s just better, easier, and more cost […]