Create A Safe And Clean Heating Environment For Your Home This Christmas

Issue 51.16

During this time of year sweet memories of walking into my family’s home and catching the smell of Douglas Fir burning in the wood stove come to my mind. The aroma would wash over you as the door opened signaling to your senses that you were home. Mother had tended to […]

Five Popular Misunderstandings About Ductless Heat Pumps

Issue 45.16

Like any technology, ductless heat pumps need to be used properly and under the right conditions to achieve maximum effectiveness. Like anything in the internet age, ductless heat pumps are subject to all kinds of misinformation and misconceptions that can mislead consumers. Here are five of the biggest misconceptions being spread […]

Are You Ready For Fall? … Furnace Or Heat Pump Maintenance

Issue 40.16

Fall is just beginning in Southern Utah, the last thing most people want to consider are the chilly temps and morning frost coming right around the corner. Unfortunately, putting off chores like furnace or heat pump maintenance can create more headaches for homeowners very quickly as summer transitions into fall.

It […]

‘The Dog Days of Summer’

Issue 31.16

There is common expression heard during this time of year in Dixie, that expression is we are in the ‘Dog Days of Summer’. What does that saying mean and why do we use it, especially during this time of year. The dog days are not only hottest, but the most humid […]

Enjoy A July 4 Celebration… With Air Conditioning!

Issue 24.16

It’s always around this time of year that I reflect on the fun that I had with my family during the summer, especially for the 4th of July. My dad would dust off the barbeque from its winter slumber, and grill up burgers and hot dogs from the soft glow of […]

Purchasing New Air Conditioners

Issue 20.16

There are many things to consider at the time you purchase a new air conditioner or furnace for your home, but it’s important to seriously take notice of the maintenance agreement you’ll receive. You want to make sure that you take advantage of planned maintenance agreements offered by your professionals at […]

Remember The Swamp Cooler

Issue 15.16

Remember when your dad would say, “Time to change the swamp cooler pads, and get ready for summer.” Up the ladder you would go wondering if this is the year I die from falling off the hot dirty roof. Summer came with the noisy, extra humid stinky air. Nostalgic it may […]

Total Home Comfort… “Ductless”

Issue 52.15

Do you have rooms that are cold in the winter or hot in the summer? Do parts of your home feel drafty of breezy? Do you just not use certain rooms because they are uncomfortable? Do you have a room that is seldom used? Is dust or allergies an issue with […]