Is It Time To Consider Inflation?

Issue 36.12

The guaranteed payments that annuities offer can help protect investors from troubled times, providing the value of the annuity isn’t being whittled away by inflation.

Many economists are worried about inflation. The Consumer Price Index (CPI), a widely used gauge of consumer spending, decreased 0.3% in May 2012, and core inflation […]

‘One Bad Apple’

Issue 26.12

We have all heard the expression, ‘one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch’. In every industry or profession there are those individuals whose practices give the others in their trade a black eye. Those practices include everything from unethical behavior to downright dishonesty or just a plain lack of knowledge […]

Why Fixed Annuities Are Appealing In Volatile Times

Issue 21.12

The latter part of 2011 and early part of 2012 have been dominated by what investment pros call risk on/risk off, which is just another way of saying volatility.

The markets have been up and down like a roller coaster. And in this kind of environment, fixed annuities may be particularly […]

Two Common Estate Plan Myths – BUSTED

Issue 16.12

As of this writing, it’s a fact that almost 60% of Americans don’t have a basic will, and that’s a big problem.

One of the big reasons that most families don’t yet have this kind of plan in place is because of some incorrect thinking about whether it’s right for them, […]

How Critical Illness May Affect You And Your Family

Issue 11.12

Recently my 80-year-old father had total knee replacement surgery. Although this is a relatively common procedure today, his recovery has been slow and difficult to say the least. Even he would admit this is something he should have done years ago, before reaching a point of absolute necessity. Most who have […]

Hidden Financial Mistakes… And How To Fix Them; Part 2

Issue 1.12

Part 2 of the December 1, 2011 article

Hidden Mistake #3: Loss Aversion Costing You

Definition: Our consistent tendency to avoid loss, rather than acquiring gain.

Typical Example: An investor is more likely to sell a stock which has increased in value, rather than selling stock that decreased. Over time, her […]

Hidden Financial Mistakes… And How To Fix Them

Part 1

You pay your bills on time. You try to save as much as you can. You even follow the advice which you read in books and hear on the radio about how to keep your finances in check. But you’re still not getting ahead. Well, sometimes, it’s the unchallenged assumptions about […]

Beyond The Debt Ceiling

Issue 43.11

While the market experts, economists, rating agencies, politicians and the talking heads continuously debate the financial and political issues facing our country and the world, the individual investor needs to stand strong.

To stand strong, you need to embrace some specific rules of engage­ment to include:

• Maintain a long-term focus,


Behaviors Characterizing The Financially-Strapped

Issue 32.11

Part 2

As I mentioned last month, I’ve made a close […]

Behaviors Characterizing The Financially-Strapped

Issue 27.11

Part 1 In my line of work, I often have deep and meaningful conversations with families about the things which they care most about. I LOVE those conversations. I believe understanding these […]