Ed’s Up On City Council Issues… Rainbow Amid Billowing Clouds Of St. George

Issue 11.17

“Oh, There’s Sun-Shine, Blessed Sunshine When Peaceful Happy Moments Roll” by Eliza E. Hewitt, 1851-1920


The City Council of the City of St. George met on Thursday, March 9, 2017 and on the following Sunday….. As I reflected on topics presented it brought to mind the beauty that exists in […]

Ed’s Up On City Council Issues… We’ve Got Trouble Right Here In River City

Issue 7.17

City Council Workshop Meeting of Feb. 9th served as a prelude to upcoming City Budget demands. Verbal presentations were made by City Department Heads describing the workings of each department, accomplishments and challenges faced. This is intended to provide the Mayor and each council person with an improved understanding of projected […]

Ed’s Up On City Council Issues… Annual Report To Citizens Of St. George

Issue 2.17

THAT WE MIGHT FIND STRENGTH TO RETAIN OUR CITIES AND THIS LAND UPON THE BEDROCK of VALUES we have been fortunate enough to have inherited from our founding fathers.

This I believe describes the guiding force behind the decisions made by those elected to represent SG citizens. While the Council may […]

Ed’s Up On City Council Issues… Unity, Harmony, Goodwill are Virtues To Be Fostered

Issue 48.16

Like many of you, I am grateful that November 8th has finally come and gone thus concluding the national election for president. Irrespective of party affiliations and who won or lost….. It just feels good to have it over. We can now look forward and contemplate the future keeping the words […]

Ed’s Up On City Council Issues… Joyous Feeling Of Gratitude -When Viewing Reddish Glow Of East Ridge Sunrise

Issue 42.16

The Mayor’s Walk began in the cool darkness of the early morning where people, of all ages gathered at what is known as Sand Town Park. The Mayor’s race has become the prelude to the annual SG Marathon, which celebrates its 40th year. The delegation from SG sister city Ibigawa, Japan […]

Ed’s Up On City Council Issues… Civic Responsibility – Vote

Issue 24.16

YOU may not….. Then again, maybe you do agree with me. We live in a land blessed by our creator called the United States of America. We have been given something called the Constitution…. Freedom of Speech and Religion.

Is there a price to pay? For those who don’t agree you […]

Ed’s Up On City Council Issues… Budget Time – Choices To Be Made

Issue 20.16

Each year Utah State Law requires that a tentative budget be submitted by the first City Council meeting in May with the final adoption to be made by June 22nd.

As the May 12th Council Meeting approached the weight of this great responsibility caused me to ponder how best to represent […]

Ed’s Up On City Council Issues… Pulling The Cart To The Top Of The Hill In Washington County Envisioned By A County Commission Acting With Integrity, Wisdom And Honesty

Issue 15.16

Two years will have past when a new member of the County Commission takes his/her seat as the third member of the commission. As candidates step forward displaying their wares it is time for us to remember who we are…… And to contemplate the foundation we will choose to build our […]

Ed’s Up On City Council Issues… Who’s Accountable? Part 4

Issue 11.16

Part 4

My friends, as we move towards the conclusion of this effort to bring you on board with who is at the helm of city government and ultimately accountable for both the good…….and yes, on those occasions when city government fails to toe the line or simply does not meet […]

Ed’s Up On City Council Issues… Who’s Accountable? Part 3

Issue 10.16

Part 3

As promised, the continuation of a series of articles identifying by city ordinance, Who Is Accountable? In the Realm of City Government many have come to believe without question that the most powerful man in the city and for that matter the county….. Is none other than the […]