Retirement Planning In A Continued Bull Market

Issue 35.17

The bull market for equities continues to defy predictions of an impending correction. Most economists maintain that it’s not if a pullback will happen. It’s when. That being said, vigilance in this environment is critical, particularly in retirement.

Is It Time to Rebalance?

Since stocks bottomed out in 2009 after the […]

A Brief History of Annuities

Issue 24.17

With June designated as “Annuity Awareness Month” one can argue that many Americans are aware of the word “annuity” but may not understand how annuities actually work. The annuity concept has been traced back to the Roman Empire. In return for their service, soldiers and their beneficiaries would receive annual payments […]

Taxes Are Due Next Month, Here’s How to Prepare

Issue 9.17

Instead of just handing over all your paperwork to your CPA this year, consider meeting with a financial advisor who specializes in tax planning to get a completely different perspective and outlook on your tax picture.

A CPA is trained to look BACK over your tax year and prepare your tax […]

Take Some “Baby Steps” This New Year

Issue 4.17

Instead of creating a daunting list of New Year’s Resolutions that you quickly abandon, try making this your “baby-step” year. Here are a few examples:

Instead of “losing weight,” commit to eating extra fresh fruits and vegetables and cutting back your portions a little bit without giving up your favorite foods. […]

It’s That Time Of Year Again!… Legacy Planning

Issue 50.16

The end of the year holidays are when you gather with loved ones, eat more than you planned and watch football until you fall asleep.

While you have your family gathered in one place, consider carving out time to have a candid conversation with your loved ones about your retirement plan […]

Have You Sown The Seeds For A Bountiful Retirement?

Issue 45.16

The leaves have turned brilliant colors and the weather has cooled, signaling that the bounty from harvests across the farmlands of America will be headed toward our tables. All as a result of seeds sown months before.

This is an excellent reminder that, in order to reap the rewards of a […]

The Modern Features Of Life Insurance

Issue 40.16

We live in the golden age of information. The problem with this abundance of knowledge at our fingertips is that sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed and we can make mistakes based on the wrong information. This can create some major problems in our lives.

Because of this information overload, life […]

What You Need To Know About Executing A Power-Of-Attorney

Issue 35.16

From your first steps to your golden years, you’ve worked your whole life to earn your independence. That’s why giving someone the authority to act in your name, trusting they have your best interest at heart can be difficult. But what happens if you don’t have a power-of-attorney in place and […]

Can Roth Conversions Help You Reduce Future Taxes?

Issue 30.16

In any conversation about IRAs, a Roth conversion is almost certain to be brought up at some point.

After all, Roth IRAs are sometimes a great way to put aside a retirement income investment that continues to grow as you enjoy retirement.

This account also has a lesser-known benefit – it […]

Planning A Budget

Issue 25.16

As we head into July, there’s no better time to evaluate your financial goals. Poor financial decisions can cause anxiety, so how can you reduce that stress?

Something you can do today is create and live by a budget. So whether your finances are on track, starting to teeter, or stumbling […]