New Treatments In Corneal Transplant Surgery

Issue 9.17

The clear protective layer of the front of the eye, the cornea, is responsible for focusing light entering the eye and producing a sharp image on the retina. Disease and damage of the cornea can distort light entering the eye, causing blurry vision, glare, and sensitivity to light. Corneal eye disease […]

Corneal Crosslinking

Issue 29.16

The cornea is the clear dome-shaped protective front of the eye, responsible for focusing light and producing a good image. The shape and clarity of the cornea is immensely important for precise vision. In some patients, weakening of the cornea can cause it to bulge outward. This change in shape can […]

Enjoy The Sun With Care

Issue 14.16

As the summer heats up in Southern Utah, the draw towards outdoor activities intensifies. From hiking to boating to swimming, we find ourselves enjoying the breathtaking beauty and the wonderful activities that the area is known for. And with it comes increased exposure to the sun’s scorching rays. While most people […]

Zion Eye Institute in St. George Successfully Implants FDA-approved Telescope for Macular Degeneration

Issue 37.15

Dr. Jayson Edwards, cornea surgeon at the Zion Eye Institute in St. George, Utah, has successfully implanted a tiny telescope in a patient’s eye with end-stage, age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The first Southern Utah patient and St. George resident received a telescope implant in late June. The Zion Eye Institute is […]

Fight Dry Eyes This Summer

Issue 32.15

The beginning of summer brings warm days, sunshine and swimming. But for some, chlorine, salt, air conditioning and hot dry days also bring dry, irritated eyes.

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that can be exacerbated in the summer when the eyes, especially the cornea, become dehydrated. In a hot, desert […]