Legal Issues For The Elderly… Estate Planning and Halloween

Issue 40.17

What could Halloween and the process of doing a will and trust and other essential documents have in common? Both can be scary!

I’ll confess, I hate the idea of going to a haunted house or spooky corn maze. While a teenager growing up in Las Vegas, I’d act brave with […]

Legal Issues For The Elderly… Don’t Forget To Plan For Pets

Issue 36.17

Many people have pets that they are devoted and attached to. Perhaps you are concerned about what would happen to your pets if you were no longer able to take care of them.

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Can I provide for my pets if I am […]

Legal Issues Foe The Elderly… Can you Tell me “What is Probate?”

Issue 32.17

It is common to hear the statement, “I want to avoid probate” or “I don’t want my family to go through the horrors of probate.” When you ask these same individuals “What is probate?” many do not have an answer.

Probate is one of the least understood of court processes. However, […]

Legal Issues For The Elderly… How Does A Trust Work?

Issue 26.17

The use of a revocable trust (sometimes referred to as a “living trust” or “family trust”) to plan one’s estate has become very popular. Despite the popularity of the revocable trust, revocable trusts are not without their potential problems. First, it is important to understand that there is no definitive answer […]

Legal Issues For The Elderly… No Will, No Trust . . . What Happens?

Issue 21.17

Even if you have never signed a will or trust, you have an estate plan. Some of you may be asking, “How?” The answer is the state has a “default estate plan” for those without their own. In Utah (as in many states), if you die without an estate plan, the […]

Legal Issues For The Elderly: Second Marriages and Estate Planning

Issue 16.17

Having served as an estate planning for twenty-one years, I have witnessed the remarriages of many clients. As a young attorney, I worried about these marriages later in life after a client’s spouse died. Now, after watching dozens of clients enjoy the mutual benefits of marriages later in life, I share […]

Legal Issues For The Elderly… My Parent Died With a Trust… Now What Do I Do?

Issue 6.17

Many people are familiar with Trusts. In recent years, a Trust has become a popular Will substitute. Many people have decided to use a Trust as opposed to a Will in doing their Estate Planning. The primary purpose is to avoid probate and maintain privacy at the time of one’s death.


Legal Issues For The Elderly… Merry Christmas

Issue 51.16

Christmas is almost here. Many people started Christmas shopping a month ago. Unfortunately, I usually struggle up to the final days to know what to get my family.

In many ways, gifts have become more complicated and yet often less meaningful.

There is no doubt that the world we live in […]

Legal Issues For The Elderly… Gratitude And Estate Planning

Issue 46.16

Thanksgiving brings great memories. As a young boy growing up, I loved meeting at grandma’s house on 21st Street in old Las Vegas.

We crammed cousins and uncles in every corner of the house and a spirit of thanks and gratitude prevailed. Just before my 17th birthday, my grandma died and […]

Legal Issues For The Elderly… How Do I Discuss Estate Planning With My Family And Loved Ones?

Issue 41.16

Throughout my twenty years as an estate planning attorney, I have experienced the effects of the above question. Too often, the problem has been that estate planning has not been discussed. I always advise my clients to let their family members know that they have done estate planning and where the […]