A Little Slice Of Heaven

Issue 10.13

Once upon a time a long time ago, a store called Country Comforts Furniture, was in Las Vegas on Sahara and Charleston both.

A unique store selling only real wood, finished and unfinished furniture and a variety of American made sofas, custom florals and home accent pieces not found in […]

What You Should Know When You Buy Furniture

Issue 25.12

Furniture – So many choices. so many “sales” – So many prices, It’s so hard to really understand what to buy- it all looks good but how do you know what to buy, or when you’re getting a good piece of furniture at a good price?

Let us first begin by […]

Washington Businesses Pioneer On

Issue 29.11

Back in the spring of 1998 we had a nice store in Las Vegas which was doing very well, called Country Comforts Furniture. We came to St. George just for a week end and fell in […]

The Best Wood Furniture Money Will Buy… Don’t Settle For Particle Board

Issue 15.11

We have 29 years experience in buying and selling the finest real wood furniture money can buy.

We have now redesigned our store in Washington and given it a new name-“Country Designed Furniture & Consignment” […]

Failure Is Not An Option… Time To Support Local Business

Issue 27.09

Hard times are all around us. So many folks out of work, so many empty stores, and more are going out of business. What can we do?

First: It is time to band together as […]

Everything Must Go… Thank You, St. George

Issue 23.09

You really have to see it for yourself, the finest quality, largest selection and lowest prices, as we clear everything out, finished and unfinished, Solid wood, tables and chairs, bedrooms sets, all colors and sizes. American made quality sofas, loveseats, […]

A Farewell Message

Life comes at you fast, sometimes. Those things we enter into, we never know whether it be for a reason, a season or a lifetime! Country Comforts Furniture was stared 27 years ago in Las Vegas. It was then called Oh Joy Furniture and was opened to […]

The Quality Of Real Wood…It Can’t Be Beat!

Your furniture could be making you sick and you don’t even know it. Headaches and just an over-all “I don’t know what it is, but I don’t feel well.”

You see, particle board furniture looks good. It is made to look beautiful to sell it. However, it is made with all kinds of […]

The Best Wood Furniture Money Will Buy…Don’t Settle For Particle Board

We have 27 years experience in buying and selling the finest real wood furniture money can buy.

March is our 27th anniversary, and in celebration we offer you quality real wood at 50% off.

Carpenters tell us they cannot build fine furniture at our every day sale price! Yet in celebration of our […]

Give Your Home A New Look

Our sanctuary from the storms of life is not what it used to be right now. The economy is so tight, we have lost some of our freedoms. It used to be easy to buy and sell. Now, when we find we’d like a change in location, whether it be to change town […]