What Is Independent Living?

Issue 11.13

Independent living is simply any housing arrangement that is designed exclusively for seniors, generally those aged 65 and over.

Independent living varies widely, from apartment-style living to freestanding homes.

In general, independent living is preferable to older adults who are looking for help with some of their basic living needs such […]

What Is Assisted Living?

Issue 6.13

Assisted Living is a communal living environment which is designed to maintain a resident’s independence and dignity while also providing healthcare for the individual’s daily needs. Such healthcare typically includes shower assistance, medication assistance, dressing & grooming assistance, meal preparation, continence assistance, exercise and wellness programs, laundry assistance, and housekeeping assistance. […]

What is Memory Care?

Issue 1.13

A memory care environment is designed for individuals with a level of cognitive impairment that makes it unsafe for him or her to continue to stay at home. They typically do not require the intensive care of a skilled nursing facility, or nursing home, but nonetheless need increased safety and security.


Will The VA Pay For Assisted Living?

Issue 47.12

If you are a United States Veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran, you may qualify for the Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Program. This enables you to receive monthly benefits to help cover some of the costs of your assisted living care!

The Aid & Attendance Program is a benefit for […]

What Is Dementia?

Issue 42.12

Dementia is a neurological disorder that affects the ability to think, reason, remember, speak and move. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia. However, many other conditions also cause these symptoms.

The three most common forms of dementia are Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular Dementia, and Lewy Body Dementia. Often times […]

Why Medication Assistance?

Issue 37.12

As seniors age, the complexity of their care and medication regimens typically increase. In turn, the importance of keeping an eye on medication management becomes increasingly important. Many families find in-home care providers either ill-equipped or much too costly to provide medication management in a reliable and cost effective way.

In […]

Financial Options For Assisted Living

Issue 28.12

Everyone has a unique set of needs and circumstances to consider when contemplating how to best finance their stay in an assisted living community. There are a myriad of financial options out there to choose from. Each option has its benefits, drawbacks, and legal requirements. There may also be important tax […]

7 Most Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

Issue 22.12

A difficult part of life is the fear of the unknown. This fear certainly applies to making the decision of moving yourself or a loved one into an assisted living community. Many people don’t really understand what life in an assisted living community is like. Instead they rely on pre-conceived ideas […]

Am I Ready for Assisted Living?

Issue 17.12

Maintaining a home may be a longstanding source of pride for you or your loved one. It can be a very difficult experience to leave a place that you have grown so comfortable in and is a source of so many happy memories. Unfortunately though, for many, homes become a burden […]