Time To Take Control Of Your Life

Issue 31.15

So many people give up because they don’t love exercise or feel like they can’t exercise due to underlying medical problems. However, anyone can lose weight if they take control of their diet. The key to weight loss is diet! So many suffer from chronic medical problems that can be mediated […]

Just Because We Can, Doesn’t Mean We Should

Issue 26.15

One of those subjects patients have a hard time talking about is end of life wishes. The worst time to be having this conversation is when you are suddenly taking a significant down turn with being sick, severely ill, or having a medical emergency. Even worse is if you are impaired […]

Are You Constantly Fatigued?

Issue 21.15

Obstructive sleep apnea is greatly under diagnosed. In our increasingly more obese society, it is becoming more prevalent but often not recognized. If you awake in the morning feeling fatigued and unrefreshed, if you fall asleep while sitting in a quiet place, while watching TV or reading a book, if you […]

Diabetes Is A Vascular Disease

Issue 16.15

When you have diabetes, you should be routinely screened for all of the complications that can come with having diabetes. Almost all of which come back to the vascular (blood vessel) system. Your provider should be asking you what your sugars are and how well they are controlled. You should have […]

What Is A ‘Screening Test’?

Issue 6.15

I am frequently asked to do specialty tests for patients because they want to be ‘screened’ for certain disorders or cancers. If a patient is having problems that need addressed, ordering specific tests focusing on those problems is appropriate but these are called ‘diagnostic’ tests as we are using the tests […]

The Common Cold

Issue 51.14

Did you know there are thousands of viruses that can cause ‘the common cold’? The most common is the rhinovirus family which in its own family has well over 100 different viruses! That is why you could never get vaccinated again the common cold.

Usually, the common cold will present with […]

To Fall And Fracture

Issue 46.14

Osteoporosis is a disease where a person, male or female, has a very high risk of fracture due to loss of quality and volume of bone density thus making the bone fragile. Although more frequent in people over the age of 65, osteoporosis can occur earlier in life.

It is estimated […]

High Blood Pressure Is A Killer

Issue 41.14

Based off the latest statistics from the Center for Disease Control, National Vital Statistics 2011, the number one cause of death in the United States is still Heart Disease. What most people fail to realize is one of the main contributors to heart disease is high blood pressure.

So many […]

Preparing For Your Doctor Visit

Issue 36.14

Are you getting the most out of your doctor’s visits? Doing just a little bit of preparation ahead of time will help you make the most of your visit!

First, come with one main problem you want to get addressed. If you don’t have one main problem, you might be able […]