Derma Topics…Scarring From Teen-age Acne

A close friend of mine told me that as a teen in high school, she developed a very bad case of acne. Apparently it was quite serious and was undoubtedly largely due to her genetic make-up. At any rate, she was very self-conscious about it and related that she would spend considerable time […]

Derma Topics…Just A Few Little Freckles?

The question has been asked whether freckles are the same thing as age spots. The answer is no, they are quite different. A freckle might be considered to be a mini-tan, showing up over a few days or weeks as the skin tries to protect itself from the UV rays of the sun […]

Derma Topics…Photoaging Explained

The two types of ultra-violet rays emanating from the sun that injure the skin are UVA and UVB. The latter causes sunburn and can ultimately cause skin cancer. UVA rays are responsible for what the dermatologists call “photoaging”. These rays zip right through the outer layers of the skin and into the dermis […]

Derma Topics…Possible Side Effects Of Glycolic Acid

For the last several weeks we have been examining the damaging effects of the sun on our skin known as “photoaging”, and the many benefits that 10% glycolic acid products produce in repairing that damage. Is there a “downside” to using alpha-hydroxy acid preparations? While the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, there can […]

Derma Topics…Is Dry Skin A Problem?

Jennifer had the kind of skin most women envy. Dewy and firm and without a trace of dryness, her skin radiated good health. Her friends assumed that she must be spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery or wonder creams to keep it that way. But Jennifer had learned from her dermatologist that […]

Derma Topics…Ouch!

All of us are only too familiar with the effects of a painful sunburn. As painful as this damage is, even greater damage occurs in the deepest layer – the dermis – of your skin. The ultraviolet rays of sunlight do not stop as they strike the dead layer, or stratum corneum, nor […]

Derma Topics – What Is Photoaging?

Most of us give little thought to the damaging effects of the sun on our skin in our younger years. But by age 40, most women are concerned about the wrinkles they see multiplying around the eyes and mouth, which seem to occur in spite of the use of the wide selection of […]