Home Care… Is It Right For You?

Issue 52.09

What is Home Care and when is it appropriate? When someone has trouble taking care of their daily needs, such as; bathing, dressing, regulating their medications and preparing meals, it might be time to consider utilizing the services of a […]

Coping With Loneliness… Take The Initiative

Issue 43.09

Isolation, loneliness and depression affect many seniors, and can become a serious problem if not dealt with. Changes in life circumstances can create a period of loneliness for anyone. The death of a loved one, relocating to a new area, […]

Boosting Your Brain Power… Like Any Muscle The Brain Can Lose Its Function

Issue 38.09

The brain is like any other muscle in your body. You need to use it to keep it functioning at its full capacity. The brain can lose the ability to retain new information, recall old information and function properly. This […]

Protect Your Medical Decisions… Address Those End Of Life Decisions

Issue 34.09

Lately I have had the unfortunate experience of working with a family that had not prepared themselves for a medical emergency. They had talked about their Advanced Directives, but had not filled out or signed the paperwork Because of this, […]

Take Time For Yourself… Respite Care Provides Support

Issue 28.09

During this time of financial insecurity, there are more families taking on the responsibility of caring for their elderly parents or family members. Taking care of your elderly family member is very gracious and makes good financial sense, but it […]

Safe Travel For Seniors… A Little Planning Saves Big Headaches

Issue 23.09

This is the time of year when seniors are planning on leaving this area for a cooler climate. Traveling can be a very rich and rewarding adventure. No one wants to think about the possibility of needing medical care while […]

Preventing Dehydration…Seniors Need To Use Caution

Summer provides an excellent opportunity for seniors to get outside, increase their activity and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. But summer also holds risks that effect the elderly more often than the general public. One of those risks is dehydration.

Take advantage of […]

Dealing With Stress…Be Proactive

We all face different kinds of mental and physical stress in all stages of life. Chronic and excessive stress can be harmful, causing physical and emotional problems. Stress is a sign that we need to look more closely at our lives. Like pain, stress should also be viewed as a warning sign from […]

Using A Caregiver…The Value Of Staying In Your Home

Age affects everyone differently and in many different ways. Some elderly persons experience forgetfulness, confusion and dizziness, while others might experience serious health issues. There are certain symptoms that could be a signal that the elderly person in your life is in need of help. Some of the symptoms include:

Problems in maintaining […]