Life Is A Risky Business

Issue 3.13

If you were going to make a list of things that you wish you could do without, insurance is probably one of them. Many people complain about being insurance poor and wonder why they have to have it. Many years ago people would be devastated financially when their bread winner died […]

What You Should Tell Your Insurance Agent

Issue 50.12

It is common knowledge that you should tell your doctor all of your symptoms, and all the different medications you are taking. You wouldn’t expect your doctor to know how to treat your illnesses if you didn’t explain to him how you feel and what things worry you.

It is the […]

Would You Choose A Book By Its Cover? How Do You Choose Your Insurance Company?

Issue 45.12

If you watch an hour of primetime television on any major network, you will probably see an average of 18 advertisements. There is a good possibility that at least 4 of them will be about insurance. If you watch very close, you may start to wonder what the differences really are […]

Don’t Wait And Get Life Insurance, Get Life Insurance And Wait… Utah Life Insurance – Whole Life Insurance – Term Life Insurance – Annuities – Disability Insurance

Issue 39.12

According to a new survey among Americans with life insurance, revealed that although covered, knew that they needed more life insurance but didn’t think it was affordable. Those without life insurance would like to have some, but either didn’t know how to get it or didn’t know what kind to get […]

24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

Issue 34.12

Don’t be stuck with a flat tire or a dead battery! When you add Emergency Roadside

Assistance to vehicles on your Farm Bureau Member’s Choice policy, you’ll have peace of mind when you’re on the road. With 24-hour roadside assistance, you can access reliable help whenever you need it:

Emergency towing […]

Four Financial Steps To Better Money Management

Issue 29.12

During uncertain economic times, it’s common to take stock of your financial situation and look for areas of improvement. A few basic management rules can improve your financial times and not-so-good times.

Emergency Fund

Building an emergency fund creates a financial cushion when faced with unexpected expenses, such as major car […]

Protection From The Unpredictable

Issue 24.12

Life is unpredictable and sometimes accidents do happen. Protect yourself with personal liability insurance. Personal liability insurance provides protection from financial loss when someone is injured at your home, or if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property while away from your residence. It also includes coverage for medical payments […]

Leaving A Legacy

Issue 19.12

You’ve worked hard and have managed to put aside some money. Perhaps you want to leave a legacy to your children, grandchildren, or a favorite charity. Or, maybe you just like knowing it’s there in case you ever need it. Either way, you want your money to be secure and accessible.


Auto Replacement Coverage

Issue 14.12

You purchased a new car. It’s got all the amenities you wanted, plus that new car smell. You’ve barely broken in the leather of the driver’s seat when it’s totaled…

With Auto Repair or Replacement cost coverage,(1) if your new car is totaled within the first four model years,(2) you can […]

Guarantees For The Future

Issue 9.12

In these financially uncertain times, fixed annuities are gaining interest – literally and figuratively. Fixed annuities are an appealing option for people looking for guarantees, plus additional advantages like tax deferral.

A fixed annuity offers a guaranteed minimum interest rate, based on the claims-paying ability of the Life Insurance Company.

That […]