The Best Gift Of Christmas

Issue 50.14

Sometimes it can be difficult to get into the holiday spirit when you have lost a loved one. The pain of separation is still felt and often more acute during this season. Our hearts yearn for some connection with our loved ones who are no longer here. We miss our loved […]

The Ultimate Purpose of Hospice… Creating the Opportunity for a Happy Death

Issue 45.14

Recently I heard a wonderful story about Mother Teresa which filled me with inspiration and awe. Tony Robbins, the nationally known motivational speaker and coach had the occasion to meet Mother Teresa while she was in Tijuana, Mexico to help the poor and the dying. On meeting her, he asked: “What […]

Precious Moments With The Dying

Issue 40.14

“I love my life!” she gently whispered in response to my inquiry of how she was doing. “I love my life,” she responded a second time. The sincerity and depth of conviction in her voice surprised me. It made me stop and reflect on my attitude towards my own life.

The […]

A Tribute To A Great Servant Of Hospice

Issue 35.14

After 25 years of service to hospice patients and the terminally ill, David Isom, Director of Hospice at Southern Utah Home Care and Hospice (SUHCH) will take down his Director’s shingle and hang up his “Gone Fishing” sign. He retired this past week on August 21, 2014. His wisdom and commitment […]

Living A Life Of Loving Kindness

Issue 30.14

There is a beautiful poem called: “The Dash” written by Linda Ellis that is often used at funeral services. The essence of the poem is about how we use the time between the date of our birth and that of our death. The DASH represents the time between these two life […]

Palliative Care – Part 2… You have A Choice

Issue 25.14

In my last column I explained how palliative care can benefit people with terminal illnesses. However, palliative care is also for anyone who is struggling with the debilitating effects of a chronic illness or disease, but not receiving the medical care or support they need.

There are far too many people […]

Palliative Care… An Alternative To Hospice

Issue 20.14

To be told you have a terminal disease or chronic illness by your physician is a shock to one’s system! It leaves a person spinning mentally and emotionally regarding their immediate future. The first thing that comes to mind is: Who can I turn to for help or treatment? The patient […]

The Gifts of Hospice

Issue 15.14

On a recent visit to a patient’s home, I was struck by his enthusiasm for the care he was receiving from Hospice. He was very grateful for all the people he had met since coming on service. “They are such wonderful people,” he said.

As we talked further, he stated […]

Sacred Words Of The Dying

Issue 10.14

The final words of the dying are very precious to their families and loved ones. Often they express the heartfelt wishes of a dying person. These words are usually filled with love and concern for those they are leaving here on earth.

After ten plus years as a hospice chaplain, it […]

The Willingness to Say Goodbye

Issue 5.14

Saying “Goodbye” can be difficult to do in life whenever it happens and whatever the circumstance. It is especially difficult when we are saying our goodbyes to someone who is dying.

However, we can use this precious time to express our love to the dying person and create an experience of […]