Principles of Freedom – The Balance Sheet

Issue 34.17

There are basic principles regarding wealth and money. The Constitution gives to the government the right and responsibility “To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;” and “to borrow money on the credit of the United States”.

In the real […]

Principles of Freedom – Republics and Democracies

Issue 32.17

“I pledge allegiance to the flag, and to the republic for which it stands…” Words often said but often not understood. A democracy is not the same as a republic. The simple difference is this. In a democracy, the majority rules. The […]

Principles of Freedom – Off Year Elections

Issue 30.17

Every four years, we elect a President. Every two years we elect the total House of Representatives to the US Congress. Senators are elected every six years, but the group of 100 Senators is divided roughly into thirds so that around 33 or them are elected every two years on a […]

Principles of Freedom – The First Six Months

Issue 28.17

I made a promise to my readers that I would review the performance and give my opinion of President Trump after his first six months in office. I felt that would give me the time to see what he actually would do rather than just responding to all the rhetoric from […]

Principles of Freedom – The 4th of July

Issue 26.17

This coming week, most of us will be treated to fireworks, flags, food and fun as we celebrate the founding of our country. However, there are a number of things that are traditionally believed that are either a little off or downright incorrect. Even though some of the details that we […]

Principles of Freedom – Flag Day!

Issue 24.17

This week is known as “Flag Week” and we are encouraged as citizens to proudly display the US Flag all week. The 14th of June is generally acknowledged as “Flag Day” and many businesses, churches and other organizations not only display the flag but provide flags for the people in their […]

Principles of Freedom – Replacing A Congressman

Issue 22.17

Jason Chaffetz shocked the political world by announcing he would be stepping down as the Congressman for the Utah 3rd Congressional district on June 30th. While it is his right to do so since no one can be compelled to serve in an elected office, his departure leaves many questions hanging […]

Principles of Freedom – Provide or Promote

Issue 19.17

The founders were articulate and exacting when it came to written documents, especially legal documents. They were well educated especially by today’s standards. They chose words carefully to mean exactly what they intended to convey. In a few cases, the primary meaning of some words they used has been superseded by […]

Principles of Freedom: What is Nullification?

Issue 17.17

There have been a significant number of Constitutional thinkers that have suggested or even demanded that the individual states stand up to abuses of power by the Federal Government. Others have opposed this vehemently preferring a Constitutional Convention to correct those abuses or derelictions of duty by the various branches (executive, […]

Principles of Freedom – Jefferson – Part 3

Issue 13.17

Part 3

I recently was introduced to a series of articles that I consider important and well-written. This is the third and final part and is with full attribution to Eylar Robert Coates, Sr. as the author. I also include a link to his website at the end

Later liberal philosophers […]