“Does Your Chin Hang Low?”… What To Do About Those “Waddles”

Issue 9.10

“Does your CHIN hang low…does it wobble to and fro…can you tie it in a knot…can you tie it in a bow?” This version of an old-time favorite song often reminds me of my patients’ chief complaint. Unfortunately, as we […]

Where Did My Doctor Go?… Meet The Surgeon

Issue 41.09

Surgical procedures, however routine, can be a stressful experience. Some recent events with family, friends, and patients highlight the need for effective communication to prevent unneeded anxiety.

The first event involved a neighbor who […]

What is Board Certification?… Important Information For Patients

Issue 28.09

When you visit your doctor or look for a doctor to treat you, you will often see the designation “Board Certified.” What does this mean and should you care?

In the United States there are […]