How A Yearly Hearing Evaluation Can Change Your Life

Issue 26.12

Did you know that a comprehensive hearing evaluation should be completed every year after the age of 50? These evaluations are used to measure how well a person understands others; whether at home, work, church, or even in noise. Comprehensive yearly evaluations are also used as early predictors of health matters […]

Empower Your Inner Youth With Cognitive (Brain) Training, Memory Enhancement, And Auditory Rehabilitation Services

Issue 21.12

“Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind;

it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees;

it is a matter of will, a quality of the imagination,

a vigor of the emotion;

Creating Order Out Of Acoustic Chaos To Improve Comprehension And Memory

Issue 16.12

For years, providers in the hearing healthcare field have failed to understand the true desire of individuals seeking our services. In fact, even to this day many of the local and national providers promise the next ‘revolutionary product’ or ‘extraordinary discounts’. At Nilsson Hearing Clinics, as an independent provider, we know […]

Hearing, Like Vision, Is Very Significant To One’s Overall Well-Being

Issue 11.12

At times, it seems as if hearing is a second-rate sense to vision in our visually oriented modern society. But there is nothing second rate about the ramifications of untreated hearing loss and the inability to clearly understand what others are trying to communicate. Just as an Optometrist would recommend prescription […]

Dare To Compare… How to get the BEST VALUE on Hearing Aids and Service

Issue 6.12

For 30 years, the hearing care industry has focused too much attention on advertising and selling the newest product available. We should be identifying and addressing the needs of people with comprehensive solutions at the GUARANTEED BEST VALUE.

Nilsson Hearing Center takes great pride in being an independent practice free to […]

Life: The Way It Used To Sound!… Listen to Music, Church, Telephone Conversations, And Television With Clarity And Ease

Issue 1.12

The Connect-Line System from Oticon is an innovative wireless connectivity solution which enables people with hearing loss to easily experience more natural personal communication and more freedom to live life the way it was meant to be…with your friends and family.


No longer is it necessary to have a person […]

Improve Your Cognitive Functions… Stay Young. Stay Active. Stay Connected

Issue 48.11

We are in an age of the bionic man and woman: replacement joints, botox, hair color, contact lenses and more. We reap the rewards of modern technologies to stay functional as we live longer more fulfilled lives. Nilsson Hearing Center’s goal is to transform lives through improved hearing, understanding, and communication […]

Vision Impairment And Hearing Loss… Why Is One More Acceptable To Live With?

Issue 34.11

Do you remember wearing your first pair of glasses out of the optometrist’s office? Weren’t you amazed at how detailed the world really was? That’s because vision, like hearing, can slowly deteriorate without us even realizing it. It was impossible to know what you were missing, but you wouldn’t go back […]

There Is More To It Than Just A Hearing Device… Addressing Individual Needs

Issue 30.11

All too often the hearing care industry focuses too much attention on selling the newest product available rather than identifying and addressing the needs of people. This approach can be seen by looking at the number of hearing devices that have been purchased, improperly fit, and not maintained; resulting in the […]

“Pink with a Purpose” Program Supports Hearing Health and Breast Cancer Research

Issue 43.11

Breast cancer strikes one in eight people in the US. Everyone knows someone – a mother, daughter, sister, grandmother or friends who has endured this terrible disease. The Nilsson Family of Nilsson Hearing Center in Southern Utah has found a way to combine their commitment to improve the hearing health of […]